2000 Watt Potable Inverter Generator, 220V

● 220V petrol inverter generator for sale, with peak power output of 2.0kW, rating power of 1.8kW, and rated current 7.8A. ● Powered by 92#/95# gasoline, inverter gen with small size and easy to carry for off grid living. ● Quiet inverter generator use multiple noise reduction, generating less noise. ● Pure sine wave current, intelligent control, frequency conversion and fuel saving, precision instruments are also applicable.
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2000 Watt portable inverter generator for sale. With a peak power of 2.0kW and a rating power of 1.8kW, this power inverter generator is perfect for a variety of applications, from outdoor adventures, off grid living to backup power during emergencies. Inverter control, electronic speed control, according to the load of electrical appliances to automatically adjust the output power, energy saving and fuel saving, the output of pure sinusoidal current, does not hurt electrical appliances, precision instruments can also be used. Crafted for quiet operation, inverter gen produces a noise level of approximately 55db at 7m. Compatible with 92#/95# gasoline, the potable inverter generator is versatile and easy to fuel up.

2000 watt potable inverter generator feature


  • Light weight: 15kg portable inverter generator with one handle. Compact appearance, easy to carry. Simple panel, clear display.
  • Silent power generation: Multiple noise reduction, power generation sound is smaller. about 55 dB detected at 7 meters.
  • Intelligent control: Frequency conversion saves fuel, pure sine wave inverter generator does not hurt electrical appliances.
  • Suitable for a variety of environments: RVs, outdoor camping, outdoor construction, outdoor stalls, power outage emergencies, etc.


  1. Energy Saving Switch
  2. Multi-function switch
  3. 230V 16A socket
  4. Parallel socket
  5. Reset
  6. USB socket
  7. Ground terminal
  8. Multi-function digital display
  9. Oil Indicator
  10. Overload indicator
  11. Output indicator
2000 watt potable inverter generator detail

2000 Watt Inverter Generator Size

2000 watt inverter generator size

Peak Power 2.0kW
Rating Power 1.8kW
Rated Current 7.8A
Rated Voltage 220V
Oil Capacity 0.33L
Fuel Tank Capacity 4L (Approx. 0.5 liter error)
Emission 79.7cc
Activation Method Manual activation
Weights 15kg
Volume Approx. 55db (detected at 7m)
Fuel 92#/95# gasoline
Outdoor camping

Outdoor Camping


Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Off grid house

Off Grid House

Emergency power supply to home

Emergency Power Supply to Home


Q1. What is special about an inverter generator?

An inverter generator is special because it produces clean and stable electricity, making it ideal for sensitive electronic devices like laptops and smartphones. Unlike conventional generators, which produce raw AC power, inverter generators convert AC power to DC and then back to clean AC power through advanced electronics. This process results in consistent voltage and frequency, reducing fluctuations and ensuring efficient power delivery. Additionally, inverter generators are typically more fuel-efficient and quieter than traditional generators, making them suitable for various applications, including camping, RVing, and powering small appliances during emergencies.

Q2. Do inverter generators need to be grounded?

Yes, inverter generators typically need to be grounded for safety reasons. Grounding helps to prevent electrical shock hazards and ensures proper functioning of the generator. It allows excess electrical current to flow safely into the ground in the event of a fault or electrical surge, protecting both the equipment and individuals nearby. This often involves connecting the generator's grounding terminal to a grounding rod or an appropriate grounding point. Adequate grounding is essential to maintain a safe electrical environment when using any type of generator, including inverter generators.

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