2500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator, 230V

SKU: PH-IG-2-5
● Efficient and Reliable: 2500 watt peak power inverter generator with rated power up to 2300 watt. ● Multi-functional Design: Adopting pure sine wave current, 12V DC output, suitable for various equipments. ● Stable Output: Single-phase 230V voltage, frequency 50 Hz. ● Easy to Carry: Hand pull start, lightweight and portable, suitable for outdoor use.
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Multi noise reduction quiet generator, pure sine wave 230V power inverter generator, peak power up to 2.5kW, rated power 2.3kW, equipped with a single-phase circuit, frequency of 50 Hz, can output DC 12V/8.3A. hand pull start, equipped with a 145CC displacement engine, easy to operate and convenient to carry, suitable for off-grid life. Intelligent inverter design saves fuel and energy, meeting the needs of various scenarios. It is the ideal companion for your outdoor activities, bringing convenient and reliable power supply.

2500 watt portable inverter generator feature


  • Quiet Generator Sound Less: Adopting multiple noise reduction technologies to effectively reduce generator noise and create a quieter working environment.
  • High Power and Small Size: Combined with high-efficiency electronic components, it realizes the perfect combination of high power output and compact size, which is portable and install the petrol inverter generator.
  • Simple Panel: Simple design operation panel, clear and easy-to-understand interface, simplify the user's operation process and enhance the convenience of use.
  • Intelligent Inverter Generator: Energy saving and fuel saving, pure sine wave generator does not hurt electrical appliances. Inverter control, electronic speed regulation, according to the use of electrical load automatically adjust the output power, energy-saving and fuel-saving, the output of pure sinusoidal current, does not hurt electrical appliances, precision instruments can also be used.


  1. The power inverter generator internal layout, power generation is more stable displacement is sufficient, refuses to false labeling
  2. Upgrade 164 power 145CC large displacement, strong power sufficient power
  3. Thickened Soundproof Cotton: Improve the noise isolation effect and improve the comfort of the environment
  4. Multi-chamber Silencer: Effectively reduce the exhaust noise and improve the experience of using the inverter generator
  5. Spark Collector: Reduces exhaust emissions, protects the environment and the engine
  6. 4200r Low Speed: Reduce the wear and tear of petrol inverter generator, prolong the service life and reduce the maintenance cost
2500 watt portable inverter generator details

2500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Size

2500 watt portable inverter generator size

2500 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Structure Diagram

2500 watt portable inverter generator structural diagram

1 2 3 4 5
Energy saving switch Load indicator Overload indicator Output indicator light Oil indicator
6 7 8 9 10
Multi-function digital display Oil level indicator Multi-function switch 230V/16A socket Reset
11 12 13 14 15
Ground terminal DC 12V socket DC protection USB socket Parallel socket
Peak Power 2.5kW
Rated Power 2.3kW
Rated Current 10A
Rated Voltage 230V
Number of Phases Single phase
Frequency 50Hz
DC Output 12V/8.3A
Oil Capacity Approx. 0.45L
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.0L ( approx. 0.5L error )
Starting Method Manual pull start
Displacement 145CC
Weight Approx. 20kg
Noise Level Approx. 55db (detected at 7m)
Fuel 92#/95# petrol
Dimension 480*290*440mm
Outdoor camping

Outdoor Camping


Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Off grid house

Off Grid House

Emergency power supply to home

Emergency Power Supply to Home


Q1: What appliances can a 2500 watt portable inverter generator power?

The 2.5kw inverter generator for home is capable of powering a variety of appliances depending on the power requirements. Generally, it can power necessities such as lights, fans, small refrigerators, TVs, computers and electronics chargers. However, it may struggle to meet the demands of high-powered appliances such as air conditioners or large refrigerators. Always check the power requirements of your equipment before connecting it to ensure safe operation.

Q2: How long can a 2500 watt portable inverter generator run on a full tank of gas?

The running time of a 2500 watt petrol inverter generator with a full tank of fuel depends on the load and the size of the tank. On average, the run time is about 6 to 8 hours at medium load. However, running at full load will run out of fuel faster. It is recommended that you check the manufacturer's specifications for the particular model you have for accurate run time information.

Q3: Can I connect two 2500 watt portable inverter generators in parallel to get more power?

Yes, many power inverter generators are designed to be parallel compatible and you can connect two units together to double the output. This is especially useful when you need to run higher power appliances or tools. However, make sure you connect the same model and make of generator and use a compatible parallel kit recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damage and ensure safe operation. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when paralleling to prevent overloading or damaging the unit.

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