What is a Water Turbine?
The role of hydroelectric generator sets is to rivers, lakes, etc. located in the high places with potential energy of water flow to the low places, through the turbine into the mechanical energy of the turbine, the turbine and promote the generator to generate electricity, will be converted to mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Pure Sine Wave vs. Modified Sine Wave Off Grid Inverter
In the field of power electronics, an inverter is a device that can convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). And among the types of inverters, pure sine wave inverter and modified sine wave inverter are two common types. In this article, we will analyze these two types of inverters from several angles to help readers better understand the difference between them.
What is a Solar Generator?
A solar generator, also known as a solar inverter integrated machine, operates by harnessing energy from solar panels (photovoltaic modules) to generate electric current under solar radiation. This electricity is stored in batteries through a solar controller and then inverted from direct current (DC) to pure sine wave alternating current (AC) at 220V 50Hz using a grid frequency inverter. This AC output is used to power AC loads.