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10 Benefits of Solar Energy for Commercial Buildings
In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 advantages of solar energy in commercial buildings.
What is Solar Energy?
Since the birth of life on earth, it has survived mainly on the thermal radiant energy provided by the sun. This energy source is known as solar energy.
How Can Solar Power Spin Your Meter Backwards?
If you’re new to solar energy, you may be skeptical when hearing that excess solar power produced by your solar panels can spin your electricity meter backwards. One intriguing aspect of solar power for homeowners is its ability to make the household electric meter spin backwards—a process facilitated by a system known as net metering. This phenomenon not only exemplifies the benefits of solar energy but also highlights the potential for energy independence among consumers.
Solar vs. Wind Energy: Which One is Right for Your Home?
Compared to wind energy, solar panels are the better choice for your home because solar provides a more predictable energy source, may cost less in the long-term, requires less space, and causes less disruption to the environment. Ultimately, solar panels are the better renewable energy source for your home compared to wind turbines because they are more reliable at generating power in all conditions and more compatible with different property types. Visit our blog to learn about more financial and environmental benefits of solar energy that other renewable energy sources do not offer.
Solar Energy Green Buildings
With global warming, it is increasingly recognized that carbon dioxide generated by the use of energy in buildings is a major source of warming.
How Solar Energy Works on Cloudy Days?
To understand how solar energy works on a cloudy day, we first need to understand how solar panels generate electricity.