5500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator, 220V

SKU: PH-IG-5-5
● 5.5 kW electric start quiet inverter generator for sale, peak power 6kW, rated voltage 220V, 92#/95# gasoline can be used ● Portable inverter generator with upgraded power, 312CC large displacement, low RPM sound, upgraded digital display screen. ● Quiet power generation with multiple noise reduction. Inverter control, electronic speed control, automatic adjustment of output power, output pure sine wave, precision instruments can also be used. ● Loads of home and commercial high power appliances, coffee makers, ice machines. Also provides power support for camping and off-grid living.
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5500 Watt quiet inverter gen, designed to deliver reliable and efficient power with a peak output of 6kW and a continuous rating of 5.5kW. Equipped with a robust 312cc engine, this power inverter generator operates at a remarkably quiet 62db noise level from a distance of 7 meters. It supports both 92# and 95# fuel types, with a substantial fuel tank capacity of 13.5L, allowing for over 5.5 hours of continuous operation. Featuring an electric start mechanism for hassle-free activation, this inverter generator provides a stable 220V rated voltage output with a 23.9A rated current. For added convenience, it includes a 12V/8.3A DC output, making it versatile for a wide range of applications. Widely used, it can power family houses, commercial appliances and become a camping power source.

5500 watt quiet inverter generator feature


  • Five Advantages Upgrade: Upgraded power (312CC large displacement, more stable output); optimized low speed (long life, small sound); upgraded electric start (built-in motor, more stable start); upgraded digital display screen (high-definition display, clearer); portable and mobile (non-slip handrail, enlarged wheels)
  • Thickened Sound Insulation Cotton: Effectively absorbing sound vibrations.
  • Multi-chamber Muffler: Efficiently reduces noise while minimizing back pressure.
  • Spark Arrestor: Prevents the emission of flammable debris from exhaust systems, significantly reducing the risk of fire.


  1. Alloy Tie Rods: Made of high-strength alloy, the rods is lighter and more durable than steel tie rods.
  2. Intelligent Control: Pure sine wave current, no damage to electrical appliances
  3. Large Solid Wheels: The increased surface area of large solid wheels distributes weight more evenly.
  4. Upgraded Electric Start: Built-in motor, lithium battery. More stable and safe starting.
5500 watt quiet inverter generator details

5500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator Size


5500 watt quiet inverter generator size


5500 Watt Quiet Inverter Generator Structure Diagram


5500 Watt quiet inverter generator panel structure

1 2 3 4
Engine Switch Energy Saving Switch Fuel Switch Reset 
5 6 7 8
Start/Stop Switch Alternating Current Ground Terminal Parallel Output
9 10 11 12
Thermal Protection 8.3A 230V 30A Socket DC 12V Socket 220V 16A Socket


Peak Power 6kW
Rating Power 5.5kW
Rated Current 23.9A
Rated Voltage 220V
Oil Capacity 0.45L
DC Output 12V/8.3A
Oil Capacity 0.8L
Fuel Tank Capacity 13.5L (Can work continuously for more than 5.5h)
Emission 312cc
Activation Method Electric Start Activation
Volume 62db (Detected at 7m)
Fuel 92#/95#
Outdoor construction

Outdoor Construction


Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Off grid house

Off Grid House

Emergency power supply to home

Emergency Power Supply to Home


Q1. What makes this quiet inverter generator "quiet"?

The generator's low noise level is achieved through a combination of its inverter technology, which is inherently quieter than traditional generators, and its design that includes sound-dampening materials and a muffler system to reduce operational noise.

Q2. Can the generator be used for outdoor activities?

Yes, its quiet operation and portable design make it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, including camping, tailgating, and more.

Q3. Can this generator be used for sensitive electronic devices?

Yes, this generator can be safely used for sensitive electronic devices. It incorporates inverter technology, which generates clean and stable power output. This means the electricity produced is consistent and free of significant fluctuations.

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