6 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● High-performance 6-string photovoltaic combiner box, 1000V maximum output, with powerful array monitoring function, suitable for solar energy system. ● Integrated 20A high voltage fuse and lightning protection to ensure system safety, IP65 level protection, suitable for outdoor use. ● DC combiner box support 6 series input, optional 6 in 1out /2out, single output maximum 90A current, suitable for large-scale solar applications. ● Solar power combiner box with efficient current management and distribution capability, suitable for off-grid solar system.
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The 6-string solar power combiner box is rated for 1000V and has integrated PV string monitoring for efficient solar management. The DC combiner box with string monitoring can accommodate six PV array inputs with a maximum input current of 15A per string, each equipped with a rugged 20A fuse. It has one or two output channels available. It is available with one or two output channels supporting up to 90A total output current, 45A in each direction. The off grid solar combiner box is secured by high voltage fuse protection, surge protection, and an IP65 rated dust and waterproof enclosure. Designed for both grid-tied and off-grid solar systems, this DC converter box is key to simplifying solar power integration.

6 string pv combiner box feature


  • Flexible Application: Fully adapts to a variety of connection requirements, realizing optimal power utilization.
  • Multiple PV Array Inputs: Supports parallel connection of multiple PV panel inputs to maximize power capture efficiency.
  • High-voltage Fuse Protection: Reliable high-voltage fuse system ensures safe and reliable operation of the system.
  • PV-specific High Voltage Circuit Breaker: Professional design, efficient control of output current, guaranteeing system stability.
  • Lightning Protection Device: Powerful lightning protection ensures that the system still operates reliably under adverse weather conditions.
  • IP65 Protection Grade: All-round waterproof and dustproof design, adapting to outdoor installation in harsh environments.


  1. Green and environmentally friendly 1000V DC high voltage lightning protector for photovoltaics
  2. Reliable 20A high-voltage fuse protector for each circuit to ensure safety and stability
  3. Multiple photovoltaic array inputs for efficient energy aggregation
  4. Highly durable soft plastic wrapping ensures IP65 grade waterproof performance
  5. Thickened plate, outdoor spraying anti-corrosion, the color will not fade for a long time
6 string pv combiner box detail

6 String PV Combiner Box Size

6 string pv combiner box sizes

The application of solar combiner box is to reduce the connection line between PV module and inverter/controller, to facilitate the maintenance, to reduce the loss, and to improve the safety and reliability of the product, which is equipped with perfect protection functions such as anti-reverse strike, over-current protection, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, and so on.

Number of PV Array Inputs 6 string
Maximum PV Array Current (single string) 15A
Single PV Array Fuses 20A
Single PV Array Line Number PG7, 4mm2
Number of Output Channels 1 Out/2 Out
Maximum Output Current 90A (Two-way 45A)
Output Line Number for Each Circuit PG16, Per String 16mm2
Maximum Output Voltage DC1000V
DC Output Circuit Breaker
Lightning Protector
Temperature Range -30℃~ +60℃
Residential house

Residential House

Shopping district

Shopping District

Green energy project

Green Energy Project




Q1. What are the installation location requirements for a PV combiner box?

Solar combiner boxes are typically installed in a safe location near the solar module array to minimize wire loss and ensure easy maintenance and access. The location should be away from sources of ignition, hot areas and flammable materials, and should be convenient for daily operation and maintenance.

Q2. Why is surge protection important in a PV converter box?

Surge protection is critical in a solar pv combiner box to protect the entire solar array from voltage spikes caused by lightning strikes, grid disturbances or other transient events. Surge protection safely dissipates excess energy to ground, thus preventing damage to sensitive PV modules and ensuring the longevity of the system.

Q3. How do I choose the right PV combiner box for my system?

Choosing the right PV combiner box requires consideration of a variety of factors such as the number of strings in the array, voltage rating, current capacity and environmental conditions. Consulting with a qualified solar installer or engineer can help determine the best dc combiner box with string monitoring for your specific application configuration for your specific application, ensuring compatibility and compliance with industry standards.

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