12 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● 12 strings PV combiner box with a 1000V rating for sale, 10-15A per string, and a maximum of 20A, tailored for solar power systems. ● Features include a circuit breaker, monitoring, and lightning protection, ensuring the solar combiner box's reliability. ● The solar power combiner box features a sturdy stainless steel construction with a protective spraying finish. ● Ideal for large-scale solar farms, commercial installations, and industrial solar power systems.
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The 12 string PV combiner box is designed for optimal performance and durability in solar energy systems. It accommodates up to 12 PV array inputs with a rated current of 10-15A per string, and a maximum system current of 20A. The unit features a single output channel capable of handling up to 1000VDC, ensuring efficient power transmission. Equipped with a DC output circuit breaker, monitoring functionality, and a lightning protector, this combiner box offers enhanced safety and system management. Natural cooling mechanisms maintain operational efficiency within a wide temperature range of -30℃ to +60℃. Ideal for large-scale solar farms, commercial solar installations, and industrial photovoltaic systems, this combiner box excels in managing energy in environments like remote off-grid locations, urban solar projects.

12 string pv combiner box feature


  • Monitoring Function: The 12 string PV combiner box offers real-time system monitoring, essential for maintaining optimal photovoltaic performance.
  • Quality Hinges: Durable hinges on the solar combiner box ensure long-lasting, easy access for maintenance of PV components.
  • Electrical Protection: This combiner box provides robust protection against overcurrent and voltage spikes, securing solar system integrity.
  • Cable Organization: With efficient cable management, the photovoltaic combiner box keeps wiring neat and functional, enhancing system reliability.
  • Weather Resistance: Constructed to withstand harsh conditions, the 1000V combiner box remains a dependable part of the solar infrastructure.


  1. Anti-theft Carabiners: Secure and durable carabiners protect the solar combiner box from unauthorized access.
  2. Surge Protector: Zinc oxide resistors in the solar pv combiner box guard against voltage spikes, ensuring system safety.
  3. Inlet and outlet are well protected: Waterproof and dustproof design of the 12-string combiner box ensures reliable connections.
  4. Spacious Interior: The PV combiner box has a spacious, neat layout for efficient operation and maintenance.
12 string pv combiner box detail

System Connection Reference

12 string pv combiner box panel

1 2 3 4
Power Indicator Number of Circuits Direct Current Value Zero/Low/High Value Alarm
5 6 7 /
Page Left/Right Button Page Up/Down Button Enter Button /
Number of PV Array Inputs 12 String
Rated Current 10-15A/string
Maximum Rated Current 20A
Number of Output Channels 1 Out
Maximum Output Voltage 1000VDC
DC Output Circuit Breaker
Monitoring Function
Lightning Protector
Cooling Method Natural Cooling
Temperature Range -30℃~ +60℃
Housing Material Stainless Steel Spraying Shell
Residential house

Residential House

Shopping district

Shopping District

Green energy project

Green Energy Project




Q1. How does it contribute to system safety?

The combiner box plays a crucial role in system safety by providing overcurrent protection (through fuses or circuit breakers) for each solar panel string, thus preventing potential electrical fires. Surge protection devices also protect the system from voltage spikes caused by lightning or grid disturbances.

Q2. Can it accommodate different types of solar panels?

Yes, it can accommodate different types of solar panels as long as they are within the voltage and current specifications of the combiner box. It’s important to match the electrical characteristics of the panels to the combiner box’s specifications.

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