8 String Solar Combiner Box, 1000V

● High-performance 8-string pv combiner box in stock, support 1000V output, good stability. ● Multiple choice of 1 output/2 output/4 output channels, adapt to different PV system requirements, enhance the current to 25A. ● Preferred choice for high altitude PV system, IP65 protection level string combiner box is hot sale. ● Equipped with advanced lightning protection technology to ensure the stability of the equipment, wall-mounted easy to install, excellent performance.
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This 8 string photovoltaic combiner box is a highly efficient photovoltaic system management device that provides DC input for 8 string photovoltaic arrays and supports multiple configurations of output channels: single output up to 20A, dual output also 20A, and quad output up to 25A. Its maximum output voltage reaches DC1000V, and built-in diodes and lightning protection parameters ensure protection against up to DC1000V and 40KA protection for reliable operation in extreme weather conditions. Dust and water resistant to IP65, it is suitable for installation in environments up to 5500m above sea level and can withstand an ambient humidity of 0 to 99% and a temperature range from -20°C~60°C. The robust wall-mounted design and eye-catching labeling, as well as the ease of installation and maintenance, make the photovoltaic combiner box an ideal PV system component for all environments.

8 stiring pv combiner box feature


  • Multiple PV arrays can be connected in parallel, adapting to diversified solar combiner box application needs.
  • Built-in high-efficiency DC lightning protector, providing all-round safety.
  • Professional DC high voltage design provides extra safety for string combiner box.
  • Equipped with fuses and circuit breakers to ensure the stability of pv combiner box.
  • IP65 rating to ensure the durability of string combiner box in outdoor environment.


  1. Dust and Water Resistant Housing: Durable metal construction with white coating, designed for solar combiner box
  2. Wall-mounted Design: Equipped with multiple fixing holes, easy to install in different locations, suitable for various environments
  3. Clear Logo: Clear warning logo on the front to increase the safety of use, in line with photovoltaic industry standards
  4. Internal Wiring: Reasonable layout of terminals, clear and orderly wiring, easy to maintain the string combiner box
  5. Terminal Arrangement: The terminals are neatly arranged to ensure stable and reliable connection, which is the key part of pv combiner box components
8 stiring pv combiner box detail

Typical PV System Connection Effect

8 string pv combiner box pv system connection effect

1 2 3 4
Photovoltaics Photovoltaic inverter Meters AC junction box
5 6 7 8
Smart meters Domestic loads System monitoring Grids

Note: Regular domestic effect installations are shown above.

Number of PV Array Inputs 8 string
Maximum PV Array Current (single string) 1 out: 20A; 2 out: 20A; 4 out: 25A
Maximum Output Voltage DC1000V
Diode Parameters 1 out: 55A DC1000V; 2 out: 25A DC1000V; 4 out: 25A DC1000V
Lightning Protection Parameters UC1000V, IMAX40KA,  IN20KA, UP≤3.7KV
Number of Output Channels 1 Out/2 Out/4 Out (optional)
Protection Levels IP65
Altitude ≤5500m (above sea level)
Environmental Humidity ≥0~99℃
Temperature Range -20℃~ +60℃
Dimensions 600*385*145mm
Residential house

Residential House

Shopping district

Shopping District

Green energy project

Green Energy Project




Q1. What is an 8 string solar combiner box and what does it do?

The 8 string pv combiner box is an electrical device that combines the DC inputs from multiple photovoltaic arrays into a single output for conversion by an inverter. It can support up to 8 separate solar arrays with a maximum current of 15~30A. This design allows it to be flexibly adapted to different sizes of photovoltaic systems, from small residential to larger commercial.

Q2. What are the safety features of the string solar combiner box?

Safety is a primary consideration in the design of a PV system. string pv combiner box is equipped with a DC high voltage lightning protector, which provides double lightning protection for both the positive and negative terminals. In addition, the built-in high voltage DC circuit breaker and DC fuse, a two-stage safety protection device, ensures that the system operates at a DC withstand voltage value of up to DC1000V, increasing the safety and reliability of the system.

Q3. How to install 8 string solar combiner box in outdoor environment?

This model of combiner box is designed with an enclosure with a protection rating of up to IP65, which ensures weatherproofing and protection against dust and water in outdoor environments. Its structure and components are designed to withstand harsh weather and conditions, thus guaranteeing long-term stable operation. The unit is also designed with user convenience in mind, with easy installation and maintenance to extend service life and reduce maintenance costs.

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