4 String PV Combiner Box, 1000V

● 4 in 1 out, 4 in 2 out, 4 string solar pv combiner box for sale, with maximum output voltage DC1000V, maximum output current 60A. ● Two independent photovoltaic array systems with separate inputs/outputs, plus multiple array inputs. ● High-voltage fuse and lightning protection devices installed for each photovoltaic array. ● Used in residential, commercial, or industrial solar installations.
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Solar power combiner box supports up to four PV array inputs (strings), with each string capable of handling a maximum current of 15A. The combiner box is equipped with 20A fuses for each PV array to ensure safe operation and protection against overcurrents. Each PV array connection is designed for a cable size of 4mm², with PG7 cable glands, ensuring a secure and reliable connection. The photovoltaic combiner box offers flexible output options with either one or two output channels, supporting a maximum output current of 60A. The output for each circuit is facilitated through PG16 cable glands, accommodating a cable size of 10mm² per string. This string combiner box can handle a maximum output voltage of DC 1000V, It includes a DC output circuit breaker, Additionally, the unit comes with a built-in lightning protection device, safeguarding the system from voltage surges typically caused by lightning strikes.

4 string pv combiner box feature


  • Two independent PV array inputs/outputs, allowing flexible application in different connection schemes.
  • Multiple PV array inputs with a maximum current of 15A for each single-input array.
  • Each PV array includes high-voltage fuse protection and anti-backflow protection.
  • Equipped with a dedicated high-voltage surge protection device for PV systems.
  • Controlled output through a dedicated high-voltage circuit breaker for PV systems.
  • Suitable for outdoor installation, with a protection rating of IP65, ensuring dust and water resistance.


  1. High Voltage Lightning Protector for Photovoltaics with 1000V DC capacity.
  2. Each circuit is safeguarded by a 20A high-voltage fuse protector.
  3. Accommodates multiple inputs from photovoltaic (PV) arrays.
  4. Encased in soft rubber for enhanced waterproofing, achieving an IP65 rating.
  5. Features a thickened plate with outdoor anti-corrosion coating to prevent color fading.
4 string pv combiner box detail
Number of PV Array Inputs 4 String
Maximum PV Array Current (single string) 15A
Single PV Array Fuses 20A
Single PV Array Line Number PG7, 4mm2
Number of Output Channels 1 Out/2 Out
Maximum Output Current 60A
Output Line Number for Each Circuit PG16, Per String 10mm2
Maximum Output Voltage DC1000V
DC Output Circuit Breaker
Lightning Protector
Temperature Range -30℃~ +60℃
Residential house

Residential House

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Green Energy Project




Q1. What is the connection between PV grid-connected power and line numbering?

When the PV grid-connected power is 1KW, the required wire number is 2.5mm2; when the PV grid-connected power is 3KW, the required wire number is 4mm2; when the PV grid-connected power is 5KW, the required wire number is 6mm2. In addition, the PV grid-connected power is also related to the length of the cable, and when the length of the cable is more than 50 meters, the wire number needs to be increased in order to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Q2. Can I expand my solar system later by adding more strings?

Expansion is limited by the number of strings the combiner box can handle; for more than four strings, additional combiner boxes or a larger one may be needed.

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Andrew | 5/27/2024 8:54 AM
just what I wanted
Simple but functional combiner box. Great quality and cheaper than the previous one. Fast shipping, easy to install.