3 String PV Combiner Box, 500V

● Unique and innovative 3 string combiner box with maximum output switching current of 63A for 500V solar system, wall mounted to ensure a solid and reliable unit. ● The new generation ABS/PC material built solar power combiner box, 3 string parallel design, maximum input current 15A, suitable for residential/off-grid living. ● Combining advanced technologies, the solar combiner box, wide range of operating temperatures, effectively manages and controls multiple strings of PV inputs to enhance the overall performance of the system. ● Combiner boxes for solar system, made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and safety, provide reliable support for your solar power generation, is the ideal choice of solar paralleling device.
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Explore the power of solar energy as we introduce the new 3 string PV combiner box, designed for residential and off-grid living. Built with ABS/PC material and IP65 protection rating, it ensures stable operation in harsh environments. Easy wall mounting, suitable for all kinds of outdoor environments. Maximum voltage up to 500V, maximum input current 15A per string, maximum output switching current 63A, flexible 1/3 output string selection to meet different needs. Equipped with cable glands/MC4 output terminals, it has a wide range of operating temperature from -25°C to 55°C, which guarantees the reliable operation of the system. With high quality materials and advanced technology, it provides safe and reliable support for your solar system.

3 string pv combiner box feature


  • Flame-retardant shell, safe and flame-retardant, PV combiner box can withstand high temperature and low cold.
  • IP65 rated water and dust resistant and also UV protected.
  • The 3 string combiner box is designed and configured in strict accordance with CGC/GF to ensure user safety.
  • DC combiner boxes are suitable for inverters (max. input voltage DC500V). The box is tested for temperature rise, shock and UV resistance.


  1. Silicone Seal Ring: One-piece molded seal ring, strengthened sealing, high corrosion resistance, waterproof effect increases.
  2. Four-point Perforated: PV convergence box can be mounted on the wall, good material carrying capacity, convenient installation.
  3. Transparent Visual Window: PC transparent material flip window, good sealing, waterproof, leak-proof.
  4. Snap-on Design: Humanized switch design, ergonomic, more user-friendly.
3 string pv combiner box detail

3 String PV Combiner Box Size (unit: mm)

3 string pv combiner box size

3 String PV Combiner Box Schematic

3 string pv combiner box schematic

General Data
System Max. DC Voltage 500V
Max. Input Current for Each String 15A
Max. Input Strings 3
Max. Output Switch Current 63A
Number of Output Strings 1/3 (optional)
Material Type ABS/PC
Degree of Protection IP65
Input /Output Terminal Cable Gland /MC4
Installation Method Wall mounting type
Operating Temperature -25°℃~+55℃
Elevated Temperatures 2km
Permissible Relative Humidity 0-95%,no condensation
Size 305*305*140mm
Weight 3kg
DC Switch Disconnector
Rated Insulation Voltage 500V
Rated Curent 63A
DC Fuse Holder
Rated Working Voltage 1000V
Rated Working Current 10-15A
Fuse Link 10*38mm
Lightning Protection
Category of Test II grade protection
Nominal Discharge Current 20kA
Maximum Discharge Current 40kA
Voltage Protection Level 2.0kV
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage 500V
Poles 2P
Residential house

Residential House

Shopping district

Shopping District

Green energy project

Green Energy Project




Q1. Why do I need to use 3 strings PV combiner box?

There are several important reasons to use the 3 strings PV combiner box. First, it effectively reduces cable lengths, which reduces system losses and improves overall efficiency. Secondly, the solar power combiner box also provides monitoring and protection of the panel array, such as overcurrent protection and short circuit protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the solar system.

Q2. How to choose the right 3 string PV combiner box?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right 3 string PV combiner box. The first is the power capacity to ensure that the rated power of the solar combiner box can meet the total power requirement of the panel combination. Next is the protection features, including overload protection, short circuit protection and lightning protection. The combiner box material and protection level also need to be considered to suit different installation environments and climatic conditions.

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