1200 Watt Solar Electric Generator, 110V/220V

SKU: PH-SG-1200W
● Portable solar power station,1200W solar backup generator for home,110V/220V input voltage optional. ● Solar and generator, 840Wh/1380Wh optional, suitable for house, field leisure and other scenarios to meet different power needs. ● Combination of solar energy and power generation, full range of protection measures, low voltage/overload/short circuit/overheat protection. ● Residential / outdoor camping backup generator, ABS+PE material, -10℃~40℃ working temperature range.
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We offer 1200 watt solar power generator with optional 110V/220V AC input voltage, providing reliable backup power for your home or outdoor camping. Adopting lithium battery (lithium iron phosphate) with optional capacity of 840Wh or 1380Wh, it provides you with long time power support. Output sinusoidal waveform current, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment. The shell is made of durable ABS+PE material, with a wide range of operating temperature, -10℃ to 40℃. Equipped with low voltage, overload, short circuit and overheat protection measures to ensure safety and reliability. Ideal as a home backup generator or for outdoor recreational activities, this solar generator provides stable power support for your life and adventures.

1200 watt solar generator feature


  • 110V/220V pure sine wave output, emergency start can do everything.
  • 3 Charging Methods: Utility charging/vehicle charging/solar charging, indoor and outdoor flexible replenishment.
  • Temperature sensing intelligent active heat dissipation, does not open when normal, when the temperature rises actively open the heat dissipation.
  • Equipped with high brightness outdoor emergency light, lighting emergency dual-use LED lights, instantly open a new vision.
  • 11 ports can be used at the same time, 6 output programs, support charging and using at the same time.
  • Intelligent battery management system can monitor and manage the battery's voltage, current, temperature and other parameters in real time, providing comprehensive power protection with powerful strength.


  1. LCD Real-time Digital Display: Clearly display energy yield and status information
  2. Independent Key Switch: Convenient and quick control of the solar generator start/stop to enhance the ease of operation
  3. X-shaped Handle: Ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip for easy carrying and movement
  4. Intelligent Temperature Control Heat Dissipation: Ensure the equipment to run efficiently for a long time
  5. Anti-electrocution Protection Door: Safe and reliable, prevent accidental electric shock accident, protect the user's safety
  6. Rubber Dust Plug: Protect the equipment from dust and prolong the service life
1200 watt solar generator details

1200W Solar Generator Interface Demonstration

1200 watt solar generator structures

1 2 3 4 5
AC Output Car Charger Output USB-C Output DC Charge USB-A Fast Charge
6 7 / / /
USB-A Output Power Charging


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1200 Watt Solar Electric Generator Size (unit: mm)

1200 watt solar generator dimension

AC Input Voltage 110V/220V
Output Waveforms Sine wave
Rated Power 1200W
Batteries Lithium battery (lithium iron phosphate)
Capacity 840Wh/1380Wh (optional)
Shell Material ABS+PE material
Battery Voltage 12.6V
Operating Temperature -10℃~40℃
Safeguard Low voltage/overload/short circuit/overheat
Net Weight 8.2kg
Exterior Dimensions (L*W*H) 295*200*290mm
Solar generator for camping

Solar Generator for Camping

Solar generator for fridge

Solar Generator for Fridge

Solar generator for house

Solar Generator for House

Solar generator for rv

Solar Generator for RV


Q1: How long can a 1200 watt solar generator power an average home?

The length of time a handy 1200 watt solar generator can power a home depends on energy consumption. On average, it can power basic appliances such as lights, refrigerators and electronics for several hours. However, factors such as sunlight hours, battery capacity, and usage patterns can affect runtime. For an accurate estimate, calculate the total wattage of the unit and divide it by the wattage of the solar powered backup generator to determine the runtime under ideal conditions.

Q2: What maintenance is required for a 1200 watt solar powered electric generator?

Maintenance for a 1200 watt solar powered electric generator consists mainly of battery maintenance, solar panel cleaning and system checks. Regularly check connections, clean pv panels to ensure optimal sunlight absorption, and monitor battery health. Keep batteries charged and avoid deep discharges to prolong service life. Regularly check for wear and tear, replace worn parts in a timely manner, and follow manufacturer's guidelines for optimal performance. Specialized service may be required for complex problems or parts replacement.

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