3600 Watt Solar Electric Generator, 110V/230V

SKU: PH-SG-3600W
● 3600 watt solar portable power station, powerful output 110V/230V voltage optional, no need to worry about power outage. ● Reliable solar and power generation combination eliminates the need for fuel and can be ideal for outdoor camping. ● Built-in 100% original LiFePo4 battery with up to 2000+ cycle life for domestic or outdoor living. ● MPPT technology effectively optimizes the utilization of PV panels and facilitates the connection of solar panels for charging with higher charging efficiency.
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Explore the new energy era, our proud 3600 watt solar power generator is officially on the scene! Suitable for 110V/230V voltage, perfect output sine wave, frequency selectable 50Hz/60Hz.With 3600W AC power, 100% original LiFePo4 battery, capacity up to 1134000mAh, support 2000+ cycle life.MPPT technology intelligent regulation, 12-18V DC input, can be output through DC and Cig port 12V /10A (max). Charge in just 4 hours, LCD display mode is intuitive and easy to understand. 2W LED lighting, 2*15W wireless charging function. Essential backup generator for home/outdoor camping, wild leisure! Choose solar energy, choose environmental protection future!

3600 watt solar generator features


  • Fast Charging: With the built-in MPPT battery management system and Anderson 1200W interface, solar panels charge faster and in less time.
  • 15W Wireless Charging: Two devices that support wireless charging can be charged at the same time. Maximum output power of 15W, Apple/Android devices matched with fast charging protocols, a put and charge.
  • 6 output modes, 110V/230V pure sine wave solar generator AC output, 8 ports can be used simultaneously.
  • BMS intelligent protection equipment to prevent over-voltage, over-current, overload, over-temperature, short-circuit and other problems.


  1. Wireless Charging: Convenient, no need to plug in the cable, high efficiency charging method
  2. Anderson Port: Universal connector, reliable and stable, easy to connect the power supply
  3. Cooling Fan: Efficient heat dissipation, keep the generator running stably for a long time
  4. AC Input: Supports mains charging, suitable for a variety of charging environments
  5. Dc Input: Can be connected to solar panels or car ignition socket to realize multi-channel charging
3600 watt solar generator details

3600W Solar Generator Interface Demonstration

3600 watt solar generator structures

1 2 3 4 5 6
DC 12V Output Port LED On/Off Button USType-C PD 60W Port USB QC 3.0 Port USB On/Off Button LED Lighting Panel
7 8 9 10 11 12
LCD Display AC 3600w 0utput
AC On/Off Button DC On/Off Button DC 12V Car Cigarette Port /

3600 Watt Solar Electric Generator Size (unit: mm)

1200 watt solar generator dimension

AC Input Voltage 110V/230V (optional)
Output Waveforms Sine wave
Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz (optional)
AC Power 3600W
Batteries 100% original LiFePo4 battery
Battery Capacity 1134000mah/3628.8Wh/3.2V
Battery Indicator Symbol of battery cell, one cell represents 25% of power
DC Input 12-18V (φ5.5*2.1mm)
DC Output DC*1+Cig port*1  12V/10A (Max)
Fully Charged Time About 4 hrs (1200W)
Cycle Life 2000+ times
Display Mode LCD
USB QC3*2 5V/3A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A
USB C PD6W: 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 15V 3A;  20V/3A
LED Lighting Press the LED buttonin turn, the light will be bright,strobe, SOS, and off
LED Lighting Power 2W
Wireless Charging 2*15W
Solar Power Charging Anderson port: 30V 1200W Max; DC port: 18V (φ5.5*2 1 mm)
Safety Certification CE, FCC, UN38.3, MSDS
Ambient Temperature Charging: 0°C~60°C; Discharging: -10°C~60°C; Storage: 0°C~35°C
Exterior Dimensions (L*W*H) 335*310*500mm

PDF computing3600 Watt Solar Generator User Manual

Solar generator for camping

Solar Generator for Camping

Solar generator with solar panels

Solar Generator for Solar System

Solar generator for car charge

Solar Generator for Car Charge

Solar generator for emergency power

Solar Generator for Emergency Power


Q1: What is an anderson interface in a 3600 watt solar power generator?

Anderson interface in portable solar power generator refers to a specific connector type used for efficient power transmission. It is designed to handle high currents and is commonly used in renewable energy systems such as solar power generators. The Anderson interface ensures a safe and reliable connection between the solar powered power station and external devices, facilitating a seamless flow of energy to charge or power various devices.

Q2: How does the cooling fan on a 3600 watt solar backup generator work?

The cooling fan in a 3600 watt solar backup generator plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating temperatures. It works by drawing in cool air and directing it to the generator's components, including the batteries and electronics, to dissipate the heat generated during operation. This cooling mechanism helps to improve the overall efficiency and life of the generator, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance even under harsh conditions.

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