250 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● Optimal portable solar generator for off-grid living, featuring a 250W AC output power and a selectable output voltage of 110V/220V. ● Three versatile charging options: solar panel charging, car charging, and 15V/2A adapter charging. ● Compact and portable power stations driven by advanced lithium batteries. ● Versatile applications include home use, camping, RV adventures, and more.
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A versatile 250 watt portable power station tailored for home use, outdoor escapades, and off-grid living. Powered by advanced lithium batteries and optimized for solar panels, this solar energy generator delivers reliable and eco-friendly power wherever your journey takes you. Its portable design includes a 110V/220V power outlet, making it ideal for charging devices, operating appliances, and embracing sustainable off-grid living. Whether you're preparing for emergencies, exploring the outdoors, or pursuing self-sufficiency, this solar power generator is your steadfast energy companion, offering independence and environmental consciousness.

250 watt solar generator


  • Capacity 60000mAh, three outputs
    AC250W Sine wave output, 340W peak
  • 2*USB / 1*QC3.0 ports: smartphone, tablet, drone, gaming laptop, lighting, small fan, humidifier, etc.
  • Type-c: fast charging smartphone etc.
  • DC 9~12.5V/10V output port: car refrigerator, car adapter, navigator, etc.
  • AC100W output: laptop, TV, home fan, mini fridge, etc.


  1. DC output 1
  2. DC output 2
  3. IN input
  4. USB 5V/2.4A output
  5. QC3.0 fast charging output
  6. Type-c fast charging
  7. AC input
250 watt solar generator details
Input Adapter: DC15V/2A
Solar Panel Charging: 40-50W, 18-22V
USB Output 2 X USB 5V/2.1A Max
1 x TYPE-C 5-9V/2A Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0, PD2.0
1 x USB 5-9V/2A Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0
Capacity 60000mAh/3.7V 222wh
AC Output 250W Sine Wave Output (Peak: 340W)
DC Output 2*5.5*2.1mm; 9-12.5V/10A (15A Max)
Bulb Type 2W Ultra bright LED light With SOS/ Blink mode
Power Indicator Led Display
Operation temperature -10℃~40℃
Lifecycle >500 times
Dimensions(L*W*H) 240*130*135mm
Weight 2.6KG
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE, UN38.3, MSDS
Caravan power

RV Off-Grid Living

Home emergency power

Solar Power Generator for Home Use

250 watt solar generator outdoor activities

Outdoor-Ready Design


Lithium Battery LED Lighting

Q1. What makes this solar generator ideal for emergencies?

The 250 watt solar generator is an optimal choice for emergency situations. Its reliability as an independent power source, versatile charging options, and portable design make it indispensable during power outages. The use of advanced lithium batteries and solar panels ensures clean and sustainable energy, while the 110V/220V power outlet allows for charging essential devices and running appliances. 

Q2. How can I maintain and care for the solar generator?

To maintain and care for the solar generator, regular attention to a few key aspects is essential. Keep the solar panels clean to optimize efficiency, removing any debris or dirt. Ensure the lithium batteries are charged regularly, especially during periods of non-use, to maintain their longevity. Store the generator in a cool and dry place when not in use, and refer to the user manual for specific care instructions. Regularly checking the overall condition of the generator and its components will help ensure its optimal performance over time.

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