Y Branch Solar Connector, 3 to 1

● Reliable Connection: Y branch portable solar panel connector, rated voltage 1000V, multiple connection methods, reliable use. ● Convenient Operation: Equipped with 3 to 1 converging function, embedded self-locking system, rated current 30A, to ensure easy operation and meet all kinds of photovoltaic panel wiring requirements. ● Extreme Environmental Adaptation: Wide range of ambient temperatures and excellent temperature performance ensure the long-term reliability of the solar system. ● Excellent Protection Performance: Contact resistance is less than 0.35mΩ, and the waterproof rating of PV connector reaches IP68, ensuring the stability of power output.
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Best solar y connector is made of high quality PPO insulation and tinned copper conductors to ensure stable operation in harsh environments. With 3-to-1 converging function, embedded self-locking system, rated voltage of 1000V, current of 30A, it ensures solid connection and easy operation, and meets the wiring requirements of various PV panels. The contact resistance is less than 0.35mΩ, and IP68 waterproof grade ensures reliable operation of the system in humid and changeable climate. These features make solar panel y connector a reliable key component for solar power stations.

Y branch 3 to 1 solar connector feature


  • 3 and 1 converging pv panel connectors, waterproof to IP68.
  • Outside diameter size of 3mm-7.5mm (in addition to photovoltaic cables, also applies to smaller wire diameter electronic cables).
  • Solar panel connectors conductors are tightly coupled to the insulating shell with small false positions.
  • Solar connector male socket and female socket between the false position is small.
  • The pv connector insertion force is small, soft wires can be used.


  1. Premium PPO Material: Top-notch quality with radiation resistance, low/high-temperature resistance, high strength, impact resistance, and flame retardancy.
  2. T2 Copper Wiring: Conductor plated with tin/silver for wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation-proofing, low resistance, and strong conductivity.
  3. Robust Waterproof Seal: Incorporates a high-strength waterproof ring, insulating silicone, ensuring waterproof, dustproof, and IP68 protection.
  4. Secure Self-Locking Design: Compression-connected joints with a self-locking structure in both male and female heads.
Y branch 3 to 1 solar connector detail

Y Branch Solar Connector, 3 to 1 Dimension (unit: mm)

Y branch 3 to 1 solar connector size

Rated Voltage 1000V
Insulation Material PPO
Conductor Material Copper tin-plated
Ambient Temperature -40℃~+95℃
Product Temperature -40℃~+135℃
Security Class DCII
Waterproof Grade IP68
Contact Resistance ≤0.35mΩ
Connection System Multi-point connection
Self-locking System Embedded
Wiring Specification 4mm2
Wiring Method Crimp connection
Rated Current 30A
Flame Retardant Rating UL94-VO
Outdoor solar panel connector


Roof solar panel connector


Street solar panel connector

Street Lights

Farms solar panel connector



Q1. What is the solar panel y branch connector, 3 to 1?

Solar panel y connector is a type of connector used in solar panel systems, usually designed with one input connected to the solar panel and two or more outputs connected to different charge controllers or batteries respectively. The design of this solar panel connector allows solar systems to distribute power more flexibly, supporting the simultaneous connection of multiple batteries or charge controllers for improved energy utilization.

Q2. What are the advantages of the solar branch connector, 3 to 1?

Allows solar panels to distribute generated energy to multiple target devices, increasing the energy utilization efficiency of the entire system. the modular design of the solar y connector allows for easier installation and maintenance, while enhancing system reliability. the solar y connector can be easily adapted to different configurations of solar systems. It can be easily adapted to different configurations of solar systems to meet various power distribution needs.

Q3. How to install the solar y connector correctly?

A3. Ensure that the Y branch connector matches the connection ports of the solar panels and other equipment. Ensure that the solar system is de-energized during installation to prevent electric shock. Connect the output wires of the solar panel to the input of the branch connector and make sure the connection is secure. Connect the outputs of the pv panel connectors to the charge controller or battery respectively, ensuring that the positive and negative terminals are correctly connected. Ensure that the solar connectors and associated cables are securely fitted in place using appropriate fixings.

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