80W Portable Solar Panel

● 80W portable solar panel features high-performance mono 156.75 cells. ● Foldable panels are easy to carry and can be lifted with one hand. ● DC5521 converter head, DC cable accessories complete, to meet the mobile phone, camping and other charging needs. ● Solar panels paired with solar generators for indoor and off-grid living.
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A versatile solar panel, conveniently foldable, is crafted from high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, ensuring both environmental friendliness and durability, making it ideal for outdoor travel. The foldable design enhances portability, allowing for easy one-handed carrying, while the panel, when folded, can be lifted effortlessly with a single hand, adding to its convenience. It is compatible with a diverse range of packages that include solar panels, featuring a DC5521 converter head and complete DC cable accessories to meet the charging requirements of various devices and scenarios. This solar panel is adaptable for use with energy storage power supplies, enabling it to charge solar generators during the day and power devices at night, catering to outdoor power needs. Monocrystalline silicon solar panels, in comparison to polycrystalline and amorphous silicon cells, exhibit a higher photoelectric conversion rate, minimize light loss, enhance battery efficiency, and generate power at a superior rate compared to conventional solar panels.

80W portable solar panel feature


  • Featuring a convenient foldable design, this solar panel utilizes high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon technology.
  • It comes equipped with dual USB and DC ports, allowing for the charging of solar generators and simultaneous powering of multiple electronic devices.
  • Compatibility extends to a variety of packages inclusive of solar panels, a DC5521 converter head, and a comprehensive set of DC cable accessories.
  • The solar panel is versatile, facilitating collaboration with energy storage power supplies to charge solar generators during daylight hours and provide power for equipment during the night.


  1. Multiple Outputs: 5V USB+18VDC outputs
  2. PVC fabric: splash-proof, easy to clean
  3. Lightweight carry handle: easy to carry
  4. PET panels: Monocrystalline 156 solar panels, high conversion
80w portable solar panel detail
Peak Power 80Wp
Working Voltage 18V
Number of panels Three
Working Current 4.44A
Open Circuit Voltage 21V
Short Circuit Current 4.89A
Cell Mono 156.75
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Output DC5.5*2.1/USB*2
Folded Size 405*350*45mm
Expand Size 1630*405*5mm
Individual Packaging Size 425*390*55mm
Net Weight 3.2Kg
Gross Weight 3.5Kg

DC5521 Converter Head Usage

Portable solar panel DC5521 converter head usage
DC Connector Model Basic Usage
Square Mouth Lenovo notebook square port charging
7.9*5.5 Lenovo round port (with pin) laptop charging
7.4*5.0 Dell/HP notebook charging
4.5*3.0 Hewlett-Packard (with Pin) notebook charging
6.0*4.4 Sony notebook charging
5.0*3.0 Samsung laptop charging w/pin mobile power connector
4.0*1.7 TV box / 4.0 same interface machine
5.5*1.7 Power adapter etc.
5.5*2..5 Laptop (Lenovo, Asus, BenQ, Seven) charging
3.5*1.35 USB small fan, small speaker, starlight, convenient energy storage system, etc.
Portable solar charger for phone

Portable Solar Charger for Phone

Camping solar panels

Camping Solar Panels

Portable solar panels for home

Portable Solar Panels for Home

Chargeing cameras and mobile power

Chargeing Cameras and Mobile Power


Q1. What factors affect the charging efficiency of an 80W solar panel?

The charging efficiency of an 80W solar panel is influenced by several factors. Firstly, sunlight intensity plays a crucial role; the panel performs most efficiently under direct, unobstructed sunlight. The orientation and tilt of the solar panel also impact efficiency, with optimal positioning maximizing exposure to sunlight. Shading, even partial, can significantly reduce charging efficiency, emphasizing the importance of placing the panel in a location with minimal obstructions. Additionally, the overall condition of the solar cells and the cleanliness of the panel surface contribute to efficiency, making regular cleaning and maintenance essential for optimal performance.

Q2. What devices can an 80W portable solar panel power?

An 80W portable solar panel is capable of charging a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, portable power banks, LED lights, and some small appliances.

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Jay | 5/24/2024 5:43 AM
Great deal to buy
This 80 watt portable solar panel is perfect for my needs. It's lightweight and easy to carry, stable, efficient in charging, and very affordable. I'm glad I was able to get a discount on the solar generator and it was a great deal to buy them together!
Ida | 5/14/2024 9:14 AM
Mounted on the roof
The solar panel has performed well so far. It's a little stiffer than I expected. Attaches very securely with double sided tape. Has gap in the center for heat dissipation and current even with the sunlight not so good.

I would repurchase in the future.