60W Portable Solar Panel

● With advanced monocrystalline silicon solar cells, the best 60W folding solar panel offers superior energy conversion efficiency to ensure maximum solar energy capture in outdoor environments. ● Compact design and lightweight materials make this portable solar panel ideal for outdoor activities, camping or emergency situations. ● Equipped with multiple USB and DC output ports, it is compatible with a variety of electronic devices to provide you with renewable energy anytime, anywhere. ● The panel is made of high light transmittance PET laminate and waterproof 600D polyester back to ensure reliable operation in all weather conditions.
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Solar cell is made up of high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel, solar panel efficiency up to 22%. Equipped with dual USB and DC solar panel output, it can be connected to various devices. It can be used with solar generator for energy storage and multiple conversion heads to meet different charging needs. Folding design is lightweight and portable, peak power 60W, working voltage 18V, 3 panels combination, solar panel fitting complete, ensure stable and reliable energy supply. Suitable for a variety of application scenarios to meet outdoor, emergency and mobile charging needs.

60w portable solar panel feature


  • The weight of the folded solar panel is only 2.55kg, which can be lifted by one hand, making it more convenient to carry.
  • The 60W portable solar panel is equipped with dual USB and DC ports for charging the solar generator as well as a variety of electronic devices at the same time.
  • Outdoor waterproof and rainproof design for longer life.
  • Stabilizes the stand and adjusts the angle at any time. Solar panels can be used with energy storage power supply, monocrystalline silicon solar panels have higher photoelectric conversion rate.


  1. Internally 5V USB+18V DC outputs
  2. Foldable solar panel comes with a comfortable carrying handle, more convenient to carry
  3. PVC waterproof fabric is not easy to be splashed by water, easy to clean
  4. PET panel, monocrystalline silicon 156 solar panels, with higher photoelectric conversion rate
40w portable solar panel detail
Peak Power 60Wp
Working Voltage 18V
Working Current 3.33A
Open Circuit Voltage 21V
Short Circuit Current 3.67A
Cell Mono 156.75
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Output DC5.5*2.1/USB
Number of Panels 3 pieces
Folded Size 405*350*40mm
Expand Size 1250*405*5mm
Individual Packaging Size 415*385*55mm
Net Weight 2.55Kg
Gross Weight 2.8Kg

DC5521 Converter Head Usage

Portable solar panel DC5521 converter head usage
DC Connector Model Basic Usage
Square Mouth Lenovo notebook square port charging
7.9*5.5 Lenovo round port (with pin) laptop charging
7.4*5.0 Dell/HP notebook charging
4.5*3.0 Hewlett-Packard (with Pin) notebook charging
6.0*4.4 Sony notebook charging
5.0*3.0 Samsung laptop charging w/pin mobile power connector
4.0*1.7 TV box / 4.0 same interface machine
5.5*1.7 Power adapter etc.
5.5*2..5 Laptop (Lenovo, Asus, BenQ, Seven) charging
3.5*1.35 USB small fan, small speaker, starlight, convenient energy storage system, etc.
Portable solar charger for phone

Portable Solar Charger for Phone

Camping solar panels

Camping Solar Panels

Portable solar panels for home

Portable Solar Panels for Home

Chargeing cameras and mobile power

Chargeing Cameras and Mobile Power


Q1: What kind of devices is the 60W portable solar panel suitable for?

The 60W folding solar panel is suitable for charging a variety of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and small electronic devices.The USB output port is compatible with a wide range of devices, providing a convenient charging solution.

Q2: What are the features of the folding design of this solar panel?

The solar panel features a portable folding design for easy carrying and storage. When folded, it is compact and lightweight, and when unfolded, it can maximize sunlight capture and improve charging efficiency.

Q3: Is 60W power enough to meet the energy needs of outdoor activities?

Yes, 60W power is enough to provide sufficient energy for outdoor activities. Portable power station with solar panel is suitable for camping, hiking, traveling and other activities, and can provide reliable green energy for various devices.

Q4: Does the solar panel work well in cloudy or cloudy weather?

Yes, although it works better in strong sunlight, the solar panel can still capture sunlight in cloudy or cloudy weather and charge devices to ensure energy reliability as much as possible.

Q5: What safety protections do solar panels have?

The solar panel has over-charging, over-discharging, short-circuit and temperature protection to ensure the safety of the device during the charging process. Made of durable waterproof material, it adapts to various environmental conditions and provides a reliable outdoor charging solution.

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Jinni | 5/13/2024 2:52 AM
Nice solar panel
Easy to use right out of the box. I can't test the maximum power for the time being as my city has little sunshine, but on cloudy days the voltage is 46 volts enough to drive light in my house.
Laura | 4/26/2024 3:17 AM
Loving this 60W solar panel
Panel works great. I paired this 18V panel with a 12V, 40AH battery. It's light and compact, less than 3kg, fits easily in my backpack. I've used it to charge my phone, laptop, and speakers while camping. It charges quickly and has outputs compatible with almost everything I own. Recommend it for anyone who needs portable power.