40W Portable Solar Panel

● The 40W portable solar panel uses advanced photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into solar electricity, providing a reliable energy solution. ● Equipped with multi-functional charging interface, the foldable solar panel can utilize solar charge to meet the charging needs of various electronic devices. ● The solar panel is made of PVC fabric, which is waterproof and wear-resistant, adapting to various harsh environments and ensuring reliable operation for a long time. ● The portable power station with solar panel is ideal for outdoor activities, camping and emergencies.
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Best portable solar panels with high efficiency monocrystalline silicon and up to 40 watts of power. The lightweight design is easy to carry and suitable for outdoor activities and emergencies. The unique folding structure allows for easy storage, and the built-in 5V USB+18V DC output can be used to charge various devices. Waterproof and durable material ensures reliable operation in various environments. Can be paired with a solar generator to capture solar energy anytime, anywhere, providing a green energy solution for mobile devices.

40w portable solar panel feature


  • Multi-functional solar panel, convenient foldable, made of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, environmentally friendly and durable help outdoor travel.
  • Foldable panel is easy to carry and can be lifted with one hand, the weight of the folded solar panel is only 1.9kg, making it more convenient to carry.
  • 40W portable solar panel is equipped with dual USB, DC two different interfaces, can be used for solar generator as well as charging a variety of electronic devices at the same time, multi-port output.
  • The solar panel can be used with the energy storage power supply, the foldable panel can be used to charge the solar generator during the day, and the equipment can be powered at night to meet the outdoor power needs.


  1. Built-in 5V USB+18V DC multiple outputs
  2. Foldable solar panel comes with a comfortable carrying handle, more convenient to carry
  3. PVC waterproof fabric is not easy to be splashed by water, easy to clean
  4. PET panel, monocrystalline silicon 156 solar panels, with higher photoelectric conversion rate
40w portable solar panel detail
Peak Power 40Wp
Working Voltage 18V
Working Current 2.44A
Open Circuit Voltage 21V
Short Circuit Current 1.83A
Cell Mono 156.75
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Output DC5.5*2.1/USB*2
Number of Panels 2 pieces
Folded Size 405*350*35mm
Expand Size 880*385*5mm
Individual Packaging Size 440*320*410mm
Net Weight 1.9Kg
Gross Weight 2.2Kg

DC5521 Converter Head Usage

Portable solar panel DC5521 converter head usage
DC Connector Model Basic Usage
Square Mouth Lenovo notebook square port charging
7.9*5.5 Lenovo round port (with pin) laptop charging
7.4*5.0 Dell/HP notebook charging
4.5*3.0 Hewlett-Packard (with Pin) notebook charging
6.0*4.4 Sony notebook charging
5.0*3.0 Samsung laptop charging w/pin mobile power connector
4.0*1.7 TV box / 4.0 same interface machine
5.5*1.7 Power adapter etc.
5.5*2..5 Laptop (Lenovo, Asus, BenQ, Seven) charging
3.5*1.35 USB small fan, small speaker, starlight, convenient energy storage system, etc.
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Portable Solar Charger for Phone

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Portable solar panels for home

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Chargeing cameras and mobile power

Chargeing Cameras and Mobile Power


Q1: How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels typically have a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, with many manufacturers offering warranties for this duration. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance over the years.

Q2: Are higher wattage solar panels better?

Higher wattage panels can be advantageous, as they generate more electricity per unit. However, suitability depends on available space and budget. Efficient placement and quality components also influence overall system performance.

Q3: Are solar panels worth it?

Yes, solar panels are a worthwhile investment. While the initial cost may seem significant, the long-term savings on electricity bills, environmental benefits, and potential incentives make them economically and ecologically viable.

Q4: How many solar panels do I need to run a 5000 square foot house?

The number of panels required depends on factors like location, sunlight exposure, energy consumption, and panel efficiency. On average, a 5000-square-foot house may need a system with a capacity of 15-20 kilowatts, requiring approximately 45-60 standard 300W panels. A professional assessment is recommended for accuracy.

Q5: What environments do 40w solar panels perform best in?

40W solar panels perform best in sunny outdoor environments such as camping, hiking or desert safaris. Their high-efficiency silicon technology ensures maximum charging efficiency in full sunlight.

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Thomas | 6/3/2024 9:28 AM
Obvious effect
Can charge cell phone, tablet and 12V outdoor power, very good solar panel.