Y Branch Solar Panel Connector, 4 to 1

● Efficient Grid Connection: solar y connector, 5-way with wire 4 to 1 photovoltaic connection, maximizing the efficiency of energy convergence. ● Stable Connection: The solar panel connector is embedded with self-locking system to ensure a strong connection, effectively resisting external vibration and environmental changes. ● High-performance Conductor: Tin-plated copper conductor, low contact resistance, minimizing energy loss. ● Waterproof Design: With IP68 waterproof rating, it is suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions and ensures long-term reliable operation.
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Solar y connector, rated voltage 1000V, with PPO insulation and tinned copper conductor, realizes 4 to 1 convergence function. The embedded self-locking system ensures a solid connection with a current of 4mm²: 30A and a reliable crimp connection. Its contact resistance is less than 0.35mΩ, ensuring efficient energy transfer. The IP68 waterproof rating makes it suitable for a wide range of environmental conditions. The compact design of this solar module connector effectively reduces cable clutter and improves the overall performance and reliability of the solar system.

Y branch 4 to 1 solar connector feature


  • 4 and 1 converging solar panel connectors, waterproof to IP68.
  • The outer diameter of the solar module connector measures 3mm-7.5mm (in addition to photovoltaic cables, it is also suitable for electronic cables with smaller wire diameters).
  • Solar panel connectors conductors are tightly coupled to the insulating shell with small false positions.
  • Solar connector male socket and female socket between the false position is small.
  • The pv connector insertion force is small, soft wires can be used.


  1. High Quality Insulation: PPO material is radiation resistant, low/high temperature resistant, high strength, impact resistant and flame retardant.
  2. Conductivity: T2 purple copper conductor with open core, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, low resistance and highly conductive.
  3. High-strength Waterproof Grade: Adopting high-strength waterproof ring and insulating silicone to ensure waterproof, dustproof and IP68 protection grade.
  4. Stabilized Self-locking Structure: The connection adopts crimping method, and both male and female connectors adopt self-locking structure.
Y branch 4 to 1 solar connector detail

Y Branch Solar Connector, 4 to 1 Dimension (unit: mm)

Y branch 4 to 1 solar connector size

Rated Voltage 1000V
Insulation Material PPO
Conductor Material Copper tin-plated
Ambient Temperature -40℃~+95℃
Product Temperature -40℃~+135℃
Security Class DCII
Waterproof Grade IP68
Contact Resistance ≤0.35mΩ
Connection System Multi-point connection
Self-locking System Embedded
Wiring Specification 4mm2
Wiring Method Crimp connection
Rated Current 4mm2: 30A
Flame Retardant Rating UL94-VO
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Roof solar panel connector


Street solar panel connector

Street Lights

Farms solar panel connector



Q1. What is a y branch solar connector, and how does it work?

A solar y connector is a device used in photovoltaic (PV) systems to combine the output of multiple solar panels into a single connection. It features a Y-shaped design with one input and multiple outputs, typically a 4 to 1 configuration. The pv
connector facilitates the parallel connection of four solar panels, allowing their combined energy to be efficiently channeled through a single output cable. This consolidation simplifies wiring, reduces installation complexity, and optimizes power distribution within the solar array.

Q2. How does the y branch solar connector improve solar panel installations?

The y branch solar connector streamlines solar panel installations by minimizing the number of cables needed and simplifying the wiring process. With its 4 to 1 configuration, it reduces the overall clutter of cables and connections, resulting in a cleaner and more organized system. Additionally, the solar module connector enhances system efficiency by ensuring balanced current flow among the connected panels. This improved organization and efficiency contribute to easier maintenance and troubleshooting, making the overall solar installation more reliable and cost-effective.

Q3. Are y branch solar connectors compatible with different solar panel configurations?

Yes, solar y connectors are designed to be versatile and compatible with various solar panel configurations. Whether the solar panels are arranged in portrait or landscape orientation, or a combination of both, the y branch connector adapts to the layout. This flexibility makes it a suitable choice for a wide range of solar installations, allowing system designers and installers to customize the array according to specific project requirements. Additionally, branch connectors are often equipped with weather-resistant features, ensuring durability and performance in diverse environmental conditions.

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