300 Watt Solar Generator, 110V/220V

● A top-notch solar generator designed for off-grid living, boasting a 250W AC output power and the flexibility to choose between 110V or 220V output voltage. ● Three adaptable charging methods: Harness solar energy through panel charging, charge on the go with car charging, or use a 15V/2A adapter for added convenience. ● Compact and easily transportable, this portable power station is powered by cutting-edge lithium batteries, ensuring reliable and efficient energy wherever you go. ● With its versatility, it's well-suited for a range of applications including home use, camping, RV adventures, and more, providing a dependable power source for various needs.
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An adaptable 300 watt solar powered generator designed for household, outdoor, and off-grid applications. Fueled by state-of-the-art lithium batteries and fine-tuned for solar panels, this solar energy generator ensures consistent and environmentally-friendly power wherever you go. Its portability is enhanced by a 110V/220V power outlet, catering to device charging, appliance operation, and the promotion of sustainable off-grid living. Whether you're gearing up for emergencies, venturing into the wilderness, or striving for self-sufficiency, this solar generator stands as your unwavering energy ally, providing autonomy and environmental mindfulness.

300 watt solar generator feature


  • 80000mAh/3.7V, three outputs
    AC300W pure sine wave output, peak 500w
  • 3*USB / 2*QC3.0 ports: smartphone, tablet, drone, gaming laptop, lighting, small fan, humidifier, etc.
  • Type-c 1: PD18W, Type-c 2: PD27W fast charging smartphone etc.
  • 2*DC 12-16V/10V output port: car refrigerator, car adapter, navigator, etc.
  • AC300W output: laptop, TV, home fan, mini fridge, etc.


  1. LED display
  2. Activate AC output
  3. 3 USB outputs
  4. 2 DC outputs
  5. Bracer
  6. Switch
  7. 2 QC3.0 outputs
  8. 2 Type-c outputs
  9. 2 U.S. AC outputs
  10. 2 Japanese standard AC output
300 watt solar generator detail
Input Adapter: DC19V/3A
Solar Panel Charging: 50-60W, 18-22V
USB Output 3 X USB 5V/2.1A Max
1 x TYPE-C 5-9V/2A Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0, PD2.0
1 x USB 18W Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0, PD2.0
1 x USB 27W Qualcomm Quick Charge3.0, PD2.0
Capacity 80000mAh/3.7V 296wh
AC Output 300W Sine Wave Output  (Peak: 500W)
DC Output 2*5.5*2.1mm; 12-16.5V/10A (15A Max )
Bulb Type 4W Ultra bright LED light With SOS/ Blink mode
Power Indicator Led Display
Operation temperature -10℃~40℃
Lifecycle >500 times
Dimensions(L*W*H) 220*145*188mm
Weight 2.85Kg
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE, UN38.3, MSDS
Caravan power

RV Off-Grid Living

Home emergency power

Solar Power Generator for Home Use

300 watt solar generator outdoor activities

Outdoor-Ready Design


Lithium Battery LED Lighting


Q1. Can the solar generator be used indoors?

While the 300 watt solar generator is primarily designed for outdoor and off-grid applications, it can be used indoors when connected to an AC power source for charging. This flexibility allows users to bring the generator indoors during inclement weather or when an outdoor setting is not feasible, ensuring convenient access to power in various environments.

Q2. How long does it take to charge the generator using solar panels?

The charging time for the 300 watt solar generator using solar panels can vary depending on sunlight conditions. Generally, it efficiently charges within a few hours under optimal sunlight exposure. It's recommended to place the solar panels in direct sunlight for the best charging performance. The exact charging time may be specified in the product's user manual or documentation provided by the manufacturer.

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