8kw Off Grid Inverter, 48V

● 8kw off grid inverter for sale. Efficiency greater than 96.5%. MPPT reverse control all-in-one. ● Advanced MPPT controller handles 1 or 2 solar panel paths, with an input range of DC 60V to 180V and a maximum voltage of 180VDC. ● Industrial frequency transformer for isolation, off grid solar inverter includes comprehensive protective measure. ● Ideal for houses living off-grid, remote areas with unstable power, outdoor work.
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The 8kW off grid inverter outputs a pure sine wave at selectable voltages of 220VAC, 230VAC, or 240VAC, providing clean and stable power. The inverter maintains high efficiency of over 90% and includes protective features against battery over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, short-circuit, and over-temperature. Designed with an industrial frequency transformer for isolation, this inverter ensures reliable performance with an operating temperature range from 0 to 40°C. Great for off-grid houses, outdoor site work.

8kw off grid inveter feature


  • Personalisation: Professional personnel guidance, can support the customisation of various parameters and specifications to meet various needs.
  • Pure sine wave output: Pure sine wave inverter converted waveform and the same as the utility is pure sine wave, the use of electrical appliances can reduce interference and impurities strong compatibility, most of the home appliances and precision appliances can be used.
  • Wide range of use: Power outage emergency, office power, office power, night market stalls, outdoor work, security monitoring


  1. Wall-mounted energy storage systems: Suitable for use with home, office lights small places of electricity, solar power generation during the day, battery discharge at night, saving electricity costs.
  2. High brightness LC D display: LCD screen design and LED indicator, dynamic display of system data and operation status.
  3. Duct cooling system: It improves the overall heat dissipation effect of the equipment, ensures the stability and reliability of the power inverter power supply, and ensures the normal operation and service life of the equipment.
8kW off grid inveter detail

8kW Off Grid Inveter Solar System

8kw off grid inveter solar system connection diagram


Rated Power 8kW
Battery Voltage Range 42V-60V
Battery Charging Curve Tripartite
Battery Type Key acid + lithium batteries
Utility Input Phase Single phase +N+ G
Utility Input Voltage Range AC160V-275V
Utility Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%
Utility Input Recommended Voltage AC220V/230V/240V+5%
Mains Charging Current 100A(Max)
MPPT Controller Number of Input PV Panel Paths 1 or 2
MPPT Controller Input Voltage Range DC60-180V
MPPT Controller Maximum Open Circuit Voltage 180VDC
MPPT Controller Charging Current 60A
MPPT Controller Equalizing Voltage 56.8V(configurable)
MPPT Controller Constant Charge Voltage 56V(configurable)
MPPT Controller Float Charge Voltage 54V(configurable)
MPPT Controller Efficiency >96.5%
Inverter AC Output(selectable) 220VAC/230VAC/240VAC+5% (inverter mode)
Inverter Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz +1% (Adaptive)
Output Waveforms Pure sine wave
Inverter Efficiency >90%
Inverter Output Overcut Capability 1 minute up to 120%, 610 seconds at 130%, 3 seconds above 130
Inverter Output Protective Function Battery over-voltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, overload protection short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, etc.
Inverter Output Cutoff Time 0-5ms
Isolation Method Industrial frequency transformer
Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Storage Temperature -50~+50°C
Relative Humidity 0~90% (non-condensing)
Size 740mm*450mm*225mm
Net Weight 45.8kG
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Q1. How does the MPPT controller benefit the inverter?

The MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) controller optimizes the extraction of power from the solar panels, with an input voltage range of DC 60V to 180V, maximizing the efficiency and performance of the solar energy system.

Q2. Can the 8kW inverter power whole home appliances?

Yes, with a capacity of 8kW, this inverter can power multiple household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, and even some types of air conditioning units. However, the total power consumption of all appliances should not exceed the inverter's capacity.

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