5kW Off Grid Inverter, 48V

● A 48V off grid PV Inverter with Microchip control for lead acid and lithium iron phosphate batteries. ● Pure sine wave output, utility input single phase +G, inverter efficiency over 90%. ● Adaptive frequency 50Hz/60Hz, utility/solar rechargeable, multiple protection functions, easy to operate. ● Dual MCU intelligent control with 5kw off grid solar inverter provides reliable off grid power supply solution.
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Recommended new 5kW off grid PV Inverter with Microchip technology, 48VDC design, inverter mode output 220VAC pure sine wave, equipped with 42VDC over-discharge protection, to protect the safety of lead-acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries. Support single-phase +G utility input, AC220V/230V±5, 50Hz/60Hz±5 frequency adaptive, 10A~30A utility charging voltage adjustable, high inverter efficiency of more than 90%. High quality off-grid solar inverter ensures stable and reliable off-grid power supply system.

5kw off grid inveter specificities


  • Dual MCU intelligent control technology, touch screen interface design, easy to operate
  • Pure sine wave output, three working modes can be set to easily meet various needs.
  • Large range, high precision, full-automatic voltage stabilization.
  • Overall protection function, compatible with lithium battery, higher charging efficiency.
  • Standard RS232/RS485 communication interface, convenient for remote viewing/debugging through monitoring software.


  1. DC Input
  2. RS232 Communication Port
  3. Solar I/O
  4. Grounding
  5. RS485 Communication Port
  6. Circuit Breaker
  7. AC Input
  8. AC Output
5kw off grid solar inverter detail

5kW Off Grid Inverter LCD Display Detail

5kw off grid inverter lcd detail

1 2 3 4 5
PV Controller Setting Utility Fault LED Utility LED
6 7 8 9 10
Battery Pack Output Solar Light Battery LED Inverter LED

5kW Off Grid Inverter Hybrid Power System

5kw off grid inveter hybrid system

Rated Power 5kW
Battery Voltage Range 48VDC
Over Discharge Protection 42VDC default (setting)
Battery Type Lead acid or lithium iron phosphate
Utility Input Phase Single phase + G
Utility Input Voltage AC220V/230V±5%
Utility Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz±5%
Utility Charge Voltage 10A~30A (MAX)
MPPT Controller Number of Input PV Panel Paths 1
MPPT Controller Input Voltage Range DC60-180V
MPPT Controller Maximum Open Circuit Voltage 180VDC
MPPT Controller Recommend Open Circuit Voltage 108VDC
MPPT Controller Charging Current 40A/60A/80A
MPPT Controller Equalizing Voltage 56.8V(configurable)
MPPT Controller Constant Charge Voltage 56V(configurable)
MPPT Controller Float Charge Voltage 54V(configurable)
MPPT Controller Efficiency >96.5%
Inverter AC Output(selectable) 220VAC: ±5% (inverter mode)
Inverter Output Frequency 50Hz/60Hz ±1% (Adaptive)
Output Waveforms Pure sine wave
Inverter Efficiency >90%
Inverter Output Overcut Capability 101~120%/30s; >125%/300ms
Inverter Output Protective Function Battery over-voltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, overload protection short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, etc.
Inverter Output Cutoff Time 0-5ms
Isolation Method Industrial frequency transformer
Operating Temperature 0~40℃
Storage Temperature -15~+50°C
Relative Humidity 0~90% (non-condensing)
Size 482.6mm*177mm*485mm
Net Weight 40kg
Off grid inverter for home

Off Grid Inverter for Home

Off grid inverter for outdoor

Off Grid Inverter for Outdoor

Flour mill

Flour Mill

Underground coal mine

Underground Coal Mine


Q1. What is the maximum DC input voltage for the 5kW off-grid inverter?

The maximum DC input voltage for the 5kW off-grid inverter is a critical factor for optimal performance and safety. Generally, these inverters have a specified voltage range within which they can efficiently convert DC power from the solar panels. It is crucial for users to adhere to this voltage limit to prevent damage to the inverter and ensure the longevity of the system.

Q2. Can the 5kW off-grid inverter be used with different battery types?

Compatibility with various battery types is a common concern for users. The 5kW off-grid inverter is typically designed to work with different battery chemistries such as lead-acid, lithium-ion, or gel batteries. However, it is essential to verify the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations to guarantee seamless integration and optimal performance.

Q3. How does the inverter handle load balancing in off-grid scenarios?

Efficient load balancing is vital for off-grid systems to ensure a stable and continuous power supply. Users often inquire about the inverter's ability to manage and distribute power evenly among connected loads. The 5kW off-grid inverter commonly incorporates advanced load management features, enabling it to prioritize critical appliances and prevent overloads, thereby optimizing energy utilization in standalone applications. Understanding the inverter's load-handling capabilities is crucial for designing an effective off-grid power system.

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Jeff | 5/22/2024 9:26 AM
Great off-grid inverter, stable and effective
The power rating is stable and meets the needs of daily appliance use. Super affordable! Recommended to all those in need.
Ruby | 5/6/2024 9:22 AM
Mostly as expected
Pretty good 5kw inverter, I mainly keep it in my pet's room and really need the remote monitoring function. Also, can't it be monitored with WIFI? Does it still need a WIFI adapter?