5kW Off Grid Inverter, 96V/192V

● The 5kW off grid inverter provides pure sine wave output with power factor up to 0.99, fast dynamic response, which guarantees the stability and reliability of the system. ● With 96V or 192V DC input voltage, single-phase or three-phase output, adjustable frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz, it is suitable for different application scenarios. ● With multiple protection functions to ensure the safe operation of the equipment for a long time. ● The equipment adopts liquid crystal display, which is intuitive and convenient to operate, which can realize remote monitoring.
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The best 5kW off-grid inverter has a DC input voltage selection of 96V or 192V and can output pure sine wave AC. It supports single-phase or three-phase phasing and has a rated phase current of 7.5 A. The output voltage ranges from 220 VAC and 380 VAC respectively, and the power factor is up to 0.99. It has an overload capability of 150% (within 10 seconds), an efficiency of not less than 94%, and a waveform distortion rate of <3%. The solar inverters are fan-cooled and heat sinks with IP20 protection level, safe and reliable, suitable for all kinds of off-grid applications.

5kw off grid inveter feature


  • High-efficiency IPM intelligent module, high efficiency and stable performance. This off-grid inverter has powerful protection function, short circuit, overload, over temperature protection is more safe and reliable.
  • Intelligent, modularized, simple structure design, powerful function.
  • The output frequency can be set through the LCD display of the inverter, which is convenient for users.
  • The output voltage can be set between 40% and +20% of the rated voltage. And the output voltage is very accurate 1%.

Off Grid Battery Storage System

5kw off grid inveter battery storage system

The off-grid battery storage system includes a solar panel array or wind turbine, a photovoltaic convergence box, a solar charge controller, a battery, and an off-grid inverter. In sunny conditions, the solar panels convert solar energy into DC power and charge the battery bank through the charge controller, and then the off-grid inverter converts the DC power into AC power to supply power to AC loads.

Off Grid No Battery Storage System

5kw off grid inveter no battery storage system

Off-grid battery-less energy storage systems include solar panel arrays/wind turbines, photovoltaic convergence boxes, and off-grid inverters. Under sunlight, the electricity generated by the solar panels is converted from DC to AC through the off-grid inverter to power the AC loads. Under the wind, the electricity generated by the wind turbine is converted from DC to AC through the off-grid inverter to power the AC loads. Optional AC bypass input function, when solar or wind power is insufficient, it can automatically switch to AC generator or AC grid to supply power for AC loads.


Rated Output Power 5KW
Rated Voltage 96V/192V (optional)
Rated Current 52A/26A
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Phases Single phase/three phase (optional)
Rated Phase Current 7.5A
Frequency 50Hz or 6OHz
Rated Output Voltage Range 220VAC/380VAC (optional)
Power Factor (PF) 0.99
Overload Ability 150%,10 seconds
Efficiency ≥94%
Waveform Distortion Rate 3%(Linear load)
Dynamic Response 5%, ≤50ms
Display LCD
Running Mode Working continuously
Electrical Insulation Properties 2500Vac, 1 minute
Function lnput reverse polarity, under voltage, overvoltage, output over-current, short circuit, overheating etc.
Cooling Method Fan-cooled, heat spreader
Short-circuit Protection No automatic recovery, need to restart the machine
Noise ≤50dB
Degree of Protection IP20 (indoor)
Working Altitude ≤2000
Working Temperature -15~+55℃
Relative Humidity 0~90%, non-condensing
Size 482*605*267mm (single phase)/480*680*300mm (three phase)
Off grid inverter for home

Off Grid Inverter for Home

Off grid inverter for outdoor

Off Grid Inverter for Outdoor

Flour mill

Flour Mill

Underground coal mine

Underground Coal Mine


Q1. What is the maximum DC input voltage for the 5kW off-grid inverter?

The maximum DC input voltage for the 5kW off-grid inverter is a critical factor for optimal performance and safety. Generally, these inverters have a specified voltage range within which they can efficiently convert DC power from the solar panels. It is crucial for users to adhere to this voltage limit to prevent damage to the inverter and ensure the longevity of the system.

Q2. Can the 5kW off-grid inverter be used with different battery types?

Compatibility with various battery types is a common concern for users. The 5kW off-grid inverter is typically designed to work with different battery chemistries such as lead-acid, lithium-ion, or gel batteries. However, it is essential to verify the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations to guarantee seamless integration and optimal performance.

Q3. How does the inverter handle load balancing in off-grid scenarios?

Efficient load balancing is vital for off-grid systems to ensure a stable and continuous power supply. Users often inquire about the inverter's ability to manage and distribute power evenly among connected loads. The 5kW off-grid inverter commonly incorporates advanced load management features, enabling it to prioritize critical appliances and prevent overloads, thereby optimizing energy utilization in standalone applications. Understanding the inverter's load-handling capabilities is crucial for designing an effective off-grid power system.

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