3kW Off Grid Inverter, Explosion Proof

● 3kW off grid inverter with high conversion efficiency, up to 93% efficiency or more ● Dual mode start: reduced voltage start, inverter start ● Settable output frequency, LCD liquid crystal display ● With explosion-proof function, suitable for hazardous and easy-to-explode places, such as flour mills, coal mines underground.
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Adaptable to various DC input voltages ranging from 48V to 750V (optional), and AC input options for both Single Phase and Three Phase, 3kW explosion proof off grid inverter provides versatility to suit your specific needs. The AC output generates a Pure Sine Waveform at user-selectable voltages of 120V, 220V, 380V, 415V, 440V, 480VAC+5% (optional) with a frequency choice of 50Hz or 60Hz.

3kw off grid inverter explosion proof feature


  • Dual-mode start-up selection function, through the LCD settings can be set to buck start and inverter start-up two ways.
  • Output frequency can be set by yourself
  • Input DC voltage range can be set, such as over-voltage point, under-voltage point, over-voltage recovery point, under-voltage recovery point can be set through the LCD screen.
  • Output pure sine wave, it has good transient response less than 50MS, waveform distortion is small, high inverter efficiency, stable output voltage.
  • Adopting industrial frequency isolation transformer, the AC bus and DC bus are completely isolated, avoiding the interference between AC and DC.

No Battery Storage System

No battery storage system

When solar/wind energy exists and is higher than the battery voltage, the inverter will be in inverter mode to convert the solar/wind energy to supply power to the load directly, and at the same time, the controller will detect whether the battery needs to be charged or not.
When solar/wind energy exists but is insufficient and the battery voltage is high, the inverter will automatically switch to bypass mode to supply power to the load from solar/wind energy together with the battery.
When solar/wind energy is lower than the battery voltage or solar/wind energy does not exist, the inverter will automatically switch to utility/alternator to supply power to the load (optional utility to battery charging function).

Battery Storage System

3kw battery storage systemWhen there is sufficient solar/wind energy, the inverter adopts the ready-to-use inverter mode, which directly converts solar/wind energy to supply power to the load.
When solar/wind energy is insufficient, this inverter automatically converts solar/wind energy to utility power or alternator to supply power to the load.
Automatic voltage stabilization and frequency stabilization output. Priority of solar/wind power or utility/alternator can be set in the LCD screen.

Isolation Type Industrial Frequency Transformer
Housings EXdIIBT4
DC Input Rated Voltage 48V/96V/120V/192V/240V/360V/480V/750V (optional)
AC Input Rated Voltage Single Phase or Three Phase (optional)
Output Waveforms Pure Sine Wave
Rated Output Voltage 120V/220V/380V/415V/440V/480VAC±5% (optional)
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Power Factor 0.99
overload capacity 150%, 5 seconds
Efficiency ≥93%
Waveform Distortion Rate ≤3% (linear)
Dynamic Response 5%, ≤50ms
Off grid inverter for home

Off Grid Inverter for Home

Off grid inverter for outdoor

Off Grid Inverter for Outdoor

Flour mill

Flour Mill

Underground coal mine

Underground Coal Mine


Q1. What safety measures are in place for the 3kW Off-Grid Inverter?

  • Overload Protection: The off grid inverter is equipped with overload protection to prevent damage in case of excessive power demand.
  • Short Circuit Protection: A short circuit protection feature is integrated to safeguard the inverter and connected devices in the event of a short circuit.
  • Overheat Protection: Temperature sensors and overheat protection mechanisms are implemented to prevent the inverter from overheating.
  • Low Voltage Shutdown: The inverter may have a low voltage shutdown feature to protect the battery from being overly discharged, ensuring its longevity.
  • Over Voltage Protection: To guard against high voltage situations, over voltage protection is employed, preventing potential damage to the inverter and connected equipment.
  • Ground Fault Protection: Ground fault protection helps detect and mitigate ground faults, enhancing the safety of the entire system.
  • Isolation from Grid Power: Off-grid inverters are designed to operate independently of the grid, ensuring that power is not backfed into the grid during outages, which could pose risks to utility workers.
  • Surge Protection: Surge protection devices may be included to safeguard the inverter and connected devices from voltage spikes or surges.

Q2. Can I connect multiple appliances to a 3kW Off-Grid Inverter simultaneously?

Yes, you can typically connect multiple appliances to a 3kW off-grid inverter simultaneously, but it's important to consider the total power consumption of the connected appliances. Ensure that the combined power consumption of all connected appliances does not exceed the inverter's rated capacity of 3kW. You may need to check the power (in watts or kilowatts) of each appliance and sum them up.

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