15kW Off Grid PV Inverter

● 15kW off-grid PV inverter for sale, 192V battery voltage, with pure sine wave. ● Unique dynamic current loop control technology. ● Extremely strong load-carrying capacity, adaptable to capacitive, resistive, inductive, and mixed loads. ● Strong overload capacity and impact resistance, capable of starting at full load. ● Protection functions against input overvoltage/undervoltage, output overvoltage/undervoltage, overtemperature, overload, and short circuit.
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The off grid inverter, with an output power of 15kW and an input voltage of 110V: 85-138VAC; 220V: 170-275VAC, adopts MCU microprocessor full digital SPWM high-frequency carrier technology and IGBT power devices. It can precisely control various operational parameters of the output, providing your equipment with high-quality and reliable pure sine wave AC power.The inverter can be widely applied in large-scale solar power generation scenarios, including but not limited to home and school use, public lighting, industrial and mining operations, border defense, islands, and pastoral areas.

15kw off grid inveter feature


  • High efficiency, low noise, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving.
  • Automatic switching, allowing unmanned operation.
  • Stable performance, safe and reliable, with an exceptionally long service life.
  • High-definition touchscreen for precise and intuitive display, simple operation.
  • 192V inverters can be built-in with MPPT controllers to create integrated reverse control units.


  1. Display screen
  2. Power on button
  3. USB communication interface (optional)
  4. Intelligent variable-speed cooling fan
  5. DC and switch
  6. Wiring port
15kw off grid inveter details

15kW Off Grid PV Inveter

15kw off grid inveter system application

Note:Off grid inverters using external controllers

Output Power 15kW
Battery Voltage 192V
Municipal Charging Current 30A (Default)
Voltage Range 110V:85-138VAC; 220V: 170-275VAC
Frequency 50Hz: 46-54Hz; 60Hz: 55Hz-65Hz (Automatic Recognition)
Voltage Range 110VAC/220VAC ± 5% (Inversion Mode)
Frequency 50/60Hz ± 1Hz
Wave Form Pure sine wave
Conversion Time ≤10ms (Typical Load)
Efficiency > 85% (80% Resistive load)
Overload 110 -120%/30s: >150%/3s
Protection Function Battery overvoltage and low-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, etc
Display LCD + LED
Cooling Method Forced air cooling
Working Temperature 0-40℃
External Dimensions 740*400*930mm
Off grid inverter for house

Off Grid Inverter for House

Off gird inverter for outdoor

Off Grid Inverter for Outdoor

Off grid solar inverter for commercial

Off Grid PV Inverter for Commercial

Off grid solar inverter for husbandry

Off Grid PV Inverter for Husbandry


Q1. What additional features does 15kw off grid inverter have?

The off grid inverter may include features such as a display screen, power on button, USB communication interface (optional), intelligent variable-speed cooling fan, and various input/output ports.

Q2. What is the primary power source for an off-grid inverter?

The primary power source for an off-grid inverter is typically a battery or a battery bank. Off-grid inverters are designed to convert direct current (DC) electricity stored in batteries into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is used to power appliances and devices in off-grid or standalone systems. The battery is charged using energy sources such as solar panels, wind turbines, or generators, making it an independent power supply disconnected from the traditional electrical grid.

Q3. How long will a battery last with a 15kw inverter?

The duration a battery will last with a 15kW inverter depends on several factors, including the capacity of the battery, the load (power consumption) connected to the inverter, and the state of charge of the battery.

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