10kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● This 10kW off grid solar inverter stands out for its outstanding performance. With a rated power of 10 kW, it can meet a wide range of energy needs. ● The off-grid inverter supports 96VDC battery voltage and utilizes 220VAC standard power output. Wide range of input voltage to adapt to different power supply environments. ● In terms of output, the utility output voltage is the same as the input voltage, and the output frequency is also matched with the input frequency, sinusoidal waveform, to ensure efficient and stable power supply. ● Supports external lead-acid batteries, water batteries or lithium iron phosphate batteries, providing users with reliable and flexible battery options to ensure sustainable operation of the system.
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The 10kW off grid inverter has strong rated and peak power to provide reliable support for 96VDC battery systems. Its 220VAC standard input power supply is suitable for a wide range of application scenarios, with a wide input voltage range, which allows it to work in different modes. The mains output voltage is the same as the input voltage, with sinusoidal wave output to ensure efficient operation of electrical equipment. It supports external lead-acid batteries, water batteries or iron phosphate theoretical batteries, and the maximum AC charging current is up to 15A to meet different needs. This solar inverter is also equipped with flexible frequency and voltage adjustment functions, which can operate stably under a variety of environmental conditions.

10kw off grid inveter feature


  • Off grid solar inverter has 93% peak efficiency, intelligent CPU control technology.
  • Intelligent battery charger design, built-in solar controller.
  • High precision technology, high efficiency heat dissipation outstanding silence does not disturb sleep.
  • Control panel at a glance, energy saving and practical, electricity is not limited.
  • Wide range of applications and compatibility, suitable for a variety of scenarios.


  1. Utility Input: Source of power supply
  2. Inverter Output: Output power
  3. Warning Tone: Abnormal sound
  4. Grid: Utility system
  5. Utility Input Voltage: Grid Voltage
  6. Battery Level: Energy Storage
  7. Load Rating: Energy Utilization
  8. Load: Electricity-using equipment
  9. LCD Display: Information Displays
  10. Function Keys: Operation Controls
10kw off grid inveter details

10kW Off Grid Inveter Solar System

10kw off grid inveter solar system connection battery

10kw off grid inveter solar system without battery connection

Rated Output Power 10kW
DC Input Rated Voltage 96V
Peak Power 20kW
Power Input 220VAC (standard)
Input Voltage Range 154-264VAC earth 3V (normal mode); 185-264VAC3V (UPS mode)
Input Frequency 50/60Hz±5% (adjustable)
Utility Input Frequency Range 50Hz/60Hz (adjustable)
Output Voltage at Mains Output voltage under mains power is the same as input voltage
Output Frequency Under Utility Output frequency under utility power is the same as input frequency
Output Voltage Under Inverter 220VAC±10%
Inverter Output Frequency 50HZ/60HZ±1%
Inverter Output Waveform Sine wave
Battery Type External lead-acid battery or water battery or iron phosphate theory
Maximum AC Charge Current 15A
Battery Charging Voltage Range 140-280V AC
Conversion Time ≤10ms (UPS mode) /≤20ms (INV mode)
Peak Load Ratio (MAX) 3:1
Standby Power Consumption Ring bull transformer: No-load voltage*0.5
Protective Functions Under utility: input overcurrent air switch protection/Inverter: overload protection, short circuit protection, low voltage protection
Function Display LCD dot-matrix fine screen/function Keys: Voice switching;mode selection; charging current adjustment (20%-100%); alarm tone
Standby Interface Display AC input voltage, output voltage, battery voltage, load ratio and other parameters fault display
Working Temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -15℃~45℃
Relative Temperature -10℃~90℃, no condensation
Noise Level ≤45dB
Machine Size 600*300*600mm
Weight 49kg
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Q1. Can the off-grid solar inverter work during cloudy or low-light conditions?

Yes, the off grid inverter is capable of functioning during cloudy or low-light conditions. However, its performance is directly dependent on the amount of sunlight available for solar power generation. During periods of reduced sunlight, the inverter may automatically adjust its output to match the available solar energy. It is advisable to consider battery storage capacity for uninterrupted power supply during periods of limited sunlight.

Q2. How can I monitor and manage the off-grid solar inverter system remotely?

Most 10kW off-grid solar inverters come equipped with advanced monitoring and management features. Remote monitoring can be achieved through dedicated mobile apps or online platforms. By connecting the inverter to a Wi-Fi or cellular network, users can access real-time data on power production, battery status, and overall system performance. Regular remote monitoring allows for proactive troubleshooting and ensures the efficient operation of the off-grid solar power system.

Q3. How is the 10kW off-grid solar inverter installed and maintained?

Installation should be carried out by a certified solar professional. Ensure proper grounding, secure mounting, and compliance with local electrical codes. Regular maintenance includes checking for loose connections, monitoring performance, and inspecting the system for any signs of wear or damage. It's recommended to schedule professional inspections periodically to address potential issues and maximize the lifespan of the inverter. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation and maintenance to ensure safety and optimal performance.

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