2kW Off Grid Solar Inverter

● 48V off grid solar power inverter with 2kW rated power, 6000VA peak power ● Off grid pv inverter adopts pure sine wave output, supports mains power input ● Compatible with different types of batteries, LCD digital display for clear operation ● Adjustable utility input frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
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Equipped with a 4hp starter motor, 2kW off grid solar inverter boasts a three-stage mains charging method (constant current, constant voltage, float). The inverter output efficiency exceeds 85%, providing a stable and pure sine wave output at 110VAC±2%, 120VAC±2%, 220VAC±2%, 230VAC±2%, or 240VAC±2%. The utility output efficiency surpasses 99%, with auto-tracking utility output frequency range, ensuring seamless integration with your power sources. Hybrid inverter off grid LCD panel display offers convenient monitoring, and the inverter supports different operating modes, including inverter priority, utility priority, and energy-saving mode. The conversion time is kept minimal at ≤4ms, ensuring a smooth transition between power sources. 

2kw off grid solar inverter feature


  • Pure sine wave output: Industrial frequency square transformer, pure sine wave output, pure sine wave can be loaded with all electrical equipment that can be used on the mains.
  • Compatible with different types of batteries: Users can set the charging and discharging parameters of different types of batteries, such as lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, etc., through the inverter operation panel.
  • 3 working modes Mains priority: Inverter priority, energy saving mode. Intelligent automatic conversion of working modes, conversion time ≤ 4 ms
  • Fault inquiry: New fault code query function, convenient for users to quickly self-test the inverter
  • Communication function: Mobile APP (WIFI or GPRS) communication interface


  1. AC parameter display
  2. Utility priority mode or energy saver mode
  3. Mains
  4. Mains charging or PV charging icon
  5. Accumulators
  6. Battery inverter icon
  7. Load
  8. Load capacity
  9. AC output parameter display
2kw off grid solar inverter detail
Rated Power 2000W
Peak Power (20ms) 6000VA
Support Starter Motor 4hp
DC Input Voltage 48VDC
Utility Input Voltage 110VAC / 120VAC / 220VAC / 230VAC / 240VAC (same as the output voltage)
Utility Input Frequency  50Hz / 60Hz (adjustable)
Maximum Mains Charging Current 0~30A (depending on model)
Mains Charging Method Three-stage (constant current, constant voltage, float)
Inverter Output Efficiency ≥85%
Inverter Output Voltage AC±2%: 110V/120/ 220/230V/240V (optional)
Inverter Output Frequency 50/60Hz±1%
Inverter Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Utility Output Efficiency >99%
Utility Output Voltage Range 110VAC±10% / 120VAC±10% / 220VAC±10% / 230VAC±10% / 240VAC±10%
Utility Output Frequency Range Auto-tracking
Inverter Output Waveform Distortion ≤3% (linear load)
Battery Mode No-load loss ≤2.5% of rated power
No-load Loss in Utility Mode ≤ 2% of rated power (mains charger not working)
Energy Saving Mode No-load Loss ≤10W
Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries Average charging voltage:14.2V; Floating charging voltage:13.8V(12V system; 24V system*2; 48V system*4)
Customized Batteries Customized charging and discharging parameters for different types of batteries (charging and discharging parameters for different types of batteries can be set through the operation panel)
Battery Undervoltage Alarm 11V
Battery Undervoltage Protection 10.5V
Battery Over-voltage Alarm 15V
Battery Overvoltage protection 17V
Battery Overvoltage Recovery Voltage 14.5V
Overload Power Protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or fuse (mains mode)
Inverter Output Short Circuit Protection Automatic protection (battery mode), circuit breaker or fuse (mains mode)
Temperature Protection >90°C (output off)
Alarm A Normal working condition, no alarm sound from buzzer
Alarm B Buzzer beeps 4 times per second in case of battery failure, abnormal voltage, overload protection
Alarm C When the machine is turned on for the first time and the machine is normal, the buzzer will beep 5 times
Operating Mode Inverter priority/utility priority/energy saving mode
Conversion Time ≤4ms
Panel Display LCD
Heat Dissipation Method Smart fan control
Communication Function (optional)  Mobile APP (WIFI monitoring or GPRS monitoring)
Operating Temperature -10℃~40℃
Storage Temperature -15℃~60℃
Noise ≤55dB
Altitude 2,000 m (exceeding the amount to be used at a reduced rate)
Relative Humidity 0%~95%, no condensation
Machine Size 485*262*181 (mm)
Installation Wall-mounted
Off grid inverter for home

Off Grid Inverter for Home

Off grid inverter for outdoor

Off Grid Inverter for Outdoor

Kitchen appliances

Kitchen Appliances

Domestic electric appliance

Domestic Electric Appliance


Q1. What appliances can a 2kW inverter power?

A 2kW inverter is capable of powering a variety of small to medium-sized appliances, including lights, fans, laptops, TVs, small refrigerators, chargers, power tools, kitchen appliances, and even electric blankets. It is important to consider the power ratings of individual devices and ensure that the total power demand does not exceed the inverter's capacity to prevent overloading. This makes the 2kW inverter suitable for providing electricity in off-grid or remote locations, supporting basic household needs and electronic devices.

Q2. What is the role of batteries in an off-grid solar system with a 2kW inverter?

In an off-grid solar system with a 2kW inverter, batteries play a vital role by storing surplus energy generated during sunny periods. This stored energy is then utilized during times without sunlight, ensuring a consistent power supply for connected appliances and devices. Essentially, the batteries act as a crucial backup, providing continuous electricity in off-grid or remote locations where a connection to the utility grid is unavailable.

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