300W Wind Turbine Controller, 12V/24V

● 300 watt wind turbine controller for 12V/24V wind turbine for sale. MPPT technology design, breeze start fan. ● Low-voltage charging function, a flexible boost circuit design and modular structure for enhanced reliability. ● Supports 100W-400W turbines with intelligent 12/24V adaptive identification. ● Intelligent protection function. Suitable for off-grid home power systems, remote and rural area power supply.
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MPPT charging enable wind generator charge  storage batteries even when wind speed and rotor speed is low, and at the same time increase wind power utilization by10%-15%. Anti-water shell make it applicable in various outdoor environment. Multi-functional design can meet requirements of different customers. Suitable for off-grid home power systems, remote and rural area power supply, outdoor and camping activities, environmental and renewable energy projects, providing power management and charging protection for lighting, household appliances, farm equipment, camping devices, environmental monitoring tools, and scientific instruments.

300W wind turbine controller feature


  • MPPT charging effectively collect power from generator to charge storage batteries.
  • Using PWM to unload redundant electrical energy thus to protect batteries and make sure safety of generator.
  • Selection of high-quality industrial-grade components to ensure the stability of the product perfect electrical protection features, making the reliability of the system.
  • Higher waterproof/dust cover design.


  1. High quality technical components guarantee itsstability and reliability.
  2. Anti-water,anti-dust shell make it applicable invarious outdoor environment.
  3. Voltage/current controlcharging make surestorage batteries are always at the best state of charge.
  4. The body shell using aluminium alloy make it light and good heat dissipation.
300W wind turbine controller detail


Wiring Method

300W wind turbine controller wiring diagram

Rated Power 300W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V(Auto)
Charging Mode MPPT
Protection Grade IP67
Standby Current 3.6mA
Protection Mode Battery overcharge, overload, fan current limiting, automatic braking
Display Mode Diode indication
Performance MPPT power point tracking mode charging
Unloading Mode PWM noiseless soft unloading method
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range -20℃~+60℃/35%~85%RH ( no condensation)
Home rooftop power generation

Home Rooftop Power Generation

Remote communication base station

Remote Communication Base Station

Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

Road lighting

Road Lighting


Q1. Is it necessary to have a dump load for a 300W wind turbine system?

Yes, a dump load is crucial for a wind turbine system. It safely dissipates excess energy when the batteries are fully charged, preventing overcharging and potential damage. Many controllers come with a built-in dump load or the ability to connect an external one.

Q2. What should I do if my battery is not charging properly?

If your battery is not charging properly:

  • Check the connections between the wind turbine, controller, and battery.
  • Ensure the wind turbine is generating sufficient voltage.
    Verify the battery's health and capacity.
  • Inspect the controller for any error indicators or abnormal readings.
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