400W Wind Turbine Controller, 12V/24V

● 400 watt wind turbinecontroller designed for 12V/24V wind turbines, MPPT technology and a breeze start fan. ● Low-voltage charging, flexible boost circuit design, modular structure, stronger reliability. ● Strong versatility, 100W-300W are compatible. Intelligent identification, 12/24V adaptive. ● Comprehensive intelligent protection, ideal for off-grid home power systems and remote area power supplies.
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The MPPT charging feature allows the wind generator to charge storage batteries even at low wind and rotor speeds, increasing wind power utilization by 10%-15%. Its waterproof shell ensures suitability for various outdoor environments. The multifunctional design caters to different customer needs. Ideal for off-grid home power systems, remote and rural area power supplies, outdoor and camping activities, and renewable energy projects, it offers power management and charging protection for lighting, household appliances, farm equipment, camping gear, environmental monitoring tools, and scientific instruments.

300W wind turbine controller feature


  • MPPT charging efficiently collects power from the generator to charge storage batteries.
  • PWM unloads excess electrical energy, protecting batteries and ensuring generator safety.
  • High-quality industrial-grade components ensure product stability and robust electrical protection, enhancing system reliability.
  • Enhanced waterproof and dustproof cover design for added durability.


  1. High-quality technical components ensure stability and reliability.
  2. Waterproof and dustproof shell makes it suitable for various outdoor environments.
  3. Voltage and current control maintain optimal battery charge levels.
  4. The aluminum alloy body is lightweight and provides excellent heat dissipation.
300W wind turbine controller detail


Wiring Method

300W wind turbine controller wiring diagram

Rated Power 400W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V(Auto)
Charging Mode MPPT
Protection Grade IP67
Standby Current 3.6mA
Protection Mode Battery overcharge, overload, fan current limiting, automatic braking
Display Mode Diode indication
Performance MPPT power point tracking mode charging
Unloading Mode PWM noiseless soft unloading method
Operating Temperature and Humidity Range -20℃~+60℃/35%~85%RH ( no condensation)
Home rooftop power generation

Home Rooftop Power Generation

Remote communication base station

Remote Communication Base Station

Agricultural irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

Road lighting

Road Lighting


Q1. How do I know if the controller is working properly?

The controller usually has LED indicators that show the charging status, battery level, and any fault conditions. Refer to the user manual for a detailed explanation of the indicator lights and their meanings.

Q2. How does a wind turbine controller work?

The controller monitors the voltage and current from the wind turbine. It prevents overcharging of the batteries by diverting excess power or stopping the turbine when the batteries are fully charged. It also protects the system from overvoltage and short-circuits.

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