70 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller, 12V/24V/48V

● Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, 70 amp MPPT solar charge controller can be equipped with optional PC communication, WIFI communication, applicable to multiple scenarios. ● Advanced multi-synchronous rectification technology, this mppt solar controller has the same high conversion efficiency in low power charging environment. ● Four-stage charging method: MPPT-equalize charging-boost charging-float charging. With 12/24/48V automatic identification function. ● Adopting double-peak and multi-peak tracking technology, when the battery panel is partially shaded or there is a single piece of damage, it can still be accurately tracked to the maximum power point.
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The MPPT control algorithm adopted by this 70a solar controller is suitable for 112V/24V/48V voltage system, which can quickly track to the maximum power point of the PV array in any environment, with a tracking efficiency of 99.5%, and obtain the maximum energy of the solar panel in real time. Multi-phase synchronous rectification technology can ensure extremely high conversion efficiency under any charging power environment, and now most of the BUCK compared to significantly improve the energy utilization of the solar system. mppt controller can be connected to the host computer via RS485, support WIFI module expansion to achieve APP cloud monitoring, can be applied to communication base stations, household systems, street lamp systems and field monitoring and other fields.

70A mppt solar charge controller feature


  • The controller system adopts common negative circuit design, which makes the system work more stable and reliable.
  • Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, tracking efficiency of not less than 99.5%, compared with the ordinary PWM algorithm, the efficiency is improved by 15-20%.
  • With ultra-wide PV array operating voltage range (12V/24/V48V system, PV panel voltage up to 150V).
  • Using high-quality imported components, advanced power conversion circuit, the maximum conversion efficiency can reach more than 98%, and the full load efficiency can reach 97%.


  1. Temperature Sensor: Monitor the ambient temperature and adjust the working temperature of the PV panel
  2. Solar Access: Converts solar energy into electricity to supply the system
  3. Battery Access: Stores solar power for emergency use
  4. DC Load: Supply stable power to DC load equipment
  5. RS485 Communication Interface: For data transmission and remote monitoring
70A mppt solar charge controller detail

30A PWM Solar Charge Controller Size (unit: mm)

70A mppt solar controller size

30A PWM Solar Charge Controller Install Diagram

70A mppt solar charge controller wiring diagram


Current Level 70A
Maximum Charging Current 70A
12V PV Maximum Input Power 840W
24V PV Maximum Input Power 1680W
48V PV Maximum Input Power 3360W
Battery Type Ternary lithium battery/lead-acid battery/lithium iron phosphate battery (optional)
Default Battery Ternary lithium battery single 3.7V (For other battery parameters, please refer to the PDF file)
Output Maximum Current 49A
PV Panel Open Circuit Input Voltage Range 20V~100V (12V system)
40V~145V (24V system)
80V~145V (48V system)
System Identification Voltage Range DC9V~DC16V
MPPT Efficiency >99.5%
Conversion Power >98%
Working Mode Defaults to household mode 24H
Working Environment Temperature -20℃~50℃
Storage Temperature -30℃~70℃
Humidity 10%~90% no condensation
Ternary Li-ion Battery 3 Series Default Overvoltage (overcharge) 13.5V
Overvoltage return 12.6V
Charge limit voltage 12.6V
Boost charge voltage 12.3V
Boost return voltage 12V
Float charge voltage 12.3V
Over-discharge voltage 9.3V
Over discharge return voltage 10.5V
Some of the battery parameters are shown, if you need other parameters please click on the PDF file and then check. 
Protection Class IP30
Dimension 193.4*104.3*241.9mm
Weight 2.45kg

PDF computing70A Solar Mppt Charge Controller User Manual

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Q1. Can a 70a MPPT solar charge controller be used in off-grid and grid-tied systems?

Yes, a 70 amp MPPT charge controller can be used in both off-grid and grid-tied systems. In off-grid systems, it manages the charging and discharging of batteries. In grid-tied systems, it optimizes the power output of the solar panels and may include features for grid interaction, such as feed-in control.

Q2. How do I install and configure a 70 amp MPPT solar charge controller?

Installation involves connecting the solar panels, battery, and load to the solar controller following the manufacturer's instructions. Configuration involves setting parameters such as battery type, charging voltage, and load control settings using the controller's interface or software.

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