As one of the few companies to do “everything,” POWERHOME Solar sells, finances, designs, pulls permits, and installs solar panels and energy systems for residential and commercial applications. We also sell, design and install full roof applications for our clients.


At POWERHOME Solar, our mission is to help our customers achieve energy independence by selling renewable energy at prices below utility rates. While the power companies continue to raise rates and dictate what a customer owes for power, we believe strongly in offering customers a more practical option. We want our customers to save money while helping us create a cleaner tomorrow for future generations.

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We’re an American company, headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina, that specializes in solar energy and roofing services. We were founded in 2006 as Rescomm and in 2014 made the decision to rebrand ourselves as POWERHOME Solar & Roofing. This change reflected our vision and the direction we wanted to take the company. That direction has helped us grow our company to consist of over 600 passionate employees and still counting.

Leadership Team

Our CEO, Jayson Waller, and the rest of the leadership team are committed to innovating how we operate our company and the level of service we offer our customers. It is this leadership that has led to our strong growth.

Our team consists of Kevin Klink, COO, Steve Murphy, President, Juan Ramirez, CFO, and Kenny Klinger, National Director of Residential Sales.

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