POWERHOME Solar to install solar panels at Colts’ headquarters

POWERHOME Solar to install solar panels at Colts’ headquarters

Last Updated: August 29th, 2019 at 7:19 pm
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Tuesday marks another great day for POWERHOME Solar with the announcement that it has created a partnership with the Indianapolis Colts and will begin installing solar panels at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center, the headquarters and practice facility for the team, in the upcoming months.

The new solar panels will provide the facility with renewable, clean energy, helping the franchise further reduce its overall carbon footprint and lower its energy costs.

“The Colts are committed to decreasing our energy use and becoming more sustainable throughout the organization,” Colts chief operating officer Pete Ward said in a statement. “In addition to making our facility ‘greener,’ operating in a sustainable manner by using technology such as solar panels makes good business sense. Facilities that are more environmentally focused become more financially sound.”

POWERHOME’s list of sports sponsorships

POWERHOME Solar, headquartered in Mooresville, N.C., is one of the fastest-growing American companies to specialize in solar energy and roofing services, and it entered the Indiana market earlier this year. The Colts join the Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions and Pittsburgh Steelers as pro football franchises utilizing POWERHOME Solar to help meet sustainability goals. POWERHOME also has forged partnerships with the Cleveland Indians of professional baseball.

“Large commercial sites help us educate consumers about the simplicity and benefits of renewable energy,” POWERHOME CEO Jayson Waller said. “We hope to encourage thousands of Colts fans to consider solar energy.”

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POWERHOME Solar, the leading residential rooftop solar energy provider in seven states, has installed solar panels at the stadiums for the Panthers, Browns and Lions, and is slated to do so in the near future for the Indians. We are incredibly pleased that the Colts are joining that esteemed list.

The Colts already boast several sustainability initiatives for gamedays at Lucas Oil Stadium including food rescue, recycling, the use of biodegradable service ware, sourcing from local farmers and a commitment to lowering energy use.

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