300 Watt Flexible PV Panel, 18V

● Flexible solar panel with 300Wp, suitable for outdoor camping, flexible and lightweight. ● Tough and flexible design, equipped with MC4 connector, simple and reliable, a must-have for outdoor adventure. ● High-efficiency monocrystalline silicon PV module, working voltage 18V, brings stable and reliable outdoor / residential energy. ● Unique cell layout 11*6, photovoltaic efficiency 22%, providing you with reliable solar power.
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Welcome to learn about our new 300 watt flexible solar panel! Using monocrystalline silicon solar panels, the operating voltage is stabilized at 18V, the operating current is up to 16.6A, the photovoltaic efficiency reaches 22%, and the panels can be bent by 30°, which ensures high efficiency energy conversion. The open-circuit voltage reaches 21.5V and the short-circuit current reaches 10.6A, which ensures excellent performance under various light conditions. The cell layout is 11*6, and the connector adopts MC4 connector, which is convenient and quick to install and connect. This flexible solar panel is not only suitable for home and outdoor camping, but also can be easily applied in outdoor recreation and natural environment.

300W flexible solar panel feature


  • With sunlight comes electricity. The solar panel encapsulation is glossy, UV-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing.
  • 36-piece string solar module with flexible solar panels capable of bending 30°.
  • With a wide range of application scenarios, it can also provide auxiliary electrical energy for various means of transportation.
  • Solar energy as a green energy source and 300 watts of power make the flexible panels more easily renewable.


  1. Flexible Panel: High toughness elastic design
  2. Waterproof Junction Box: Reliable sealing to protect cables
  3. Imported Frosted Panel: Provides high quality scratch-resistant and durable surface
  4. MC4 Sealed Connector: Waterproof and dustproof to ensure electrical connection
300W flexible solar panel detail

300W Flexible PV Panel Structure

300W flexible solar panel structure

1 2 3 4 5 6
Waterproof Junction Box PET EVA Solar Chip EVA TPT

300W Flexible PV Panel Size

300W flexible solar panel size

Power 300Wp
Battery Type Monocrystalline solar panels
Working Voltage 18V
Operating Current 16.6A
Photoelectric Efficiency 22%
Open Circuit Voltage 21.5V
Short Circuit Current 10.6A
Battery Typesetting 11*6
Connector MC4 connector
Size 1800*1000*3mm
Weight 6kg
Flexible PV panel for hiking

Flexible PV Panel for Hiking

Flexible PV panel for camping

Flexible PV Panel for Camping

Flexible PV panel for emergency use

Flexible PV Panel for Emergency Use

Power supply for charging electronic devices

Power Supply for Charging Electronic Devices


Q1. Can I use multiple solar panels in series or parallel?

Yes, it is possible to use multiple 300 watt flexible solar panels in series or parallel to increase the output voltage or power. However, when making parallel or series connections, you need to make sure that the electrical connections are correct and meet safety standards to avoid overloading or other problems.

Q2. What is the temperature coefficient of this solar panel?

Temperature coefficient is the change in the electrical properties of a solar panel at different temperatures. Flexible 300 watt solar panels typically have a low temperature coefficient, which means it has a relatively low loss of electrical output in high temperature environments, contributing to efficiency and stability.

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Ritchie | 5/22/2024 9:49 AM
Strong power generation and high efficiency
Tested in cloudy weather, the 300W flexible solar panel can reach close to 200W, almost the same efficiency as hard PV panels, the power is very stable.