400W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 12V/24V

● With a rated power of 400W, 12V/24V voltage adaptable, and a starting wind speed of only 2m/s, it is suitable for home/off-grid living. ● The use of aluminum 12 blades, combined with permanent magnetic levitation generator and electromagnetic braking system, to achieve self-lubricating lubrication. ● High-speed start-up wind speed of 2m/s, rated wind speed of 11m/s, and safe wind speed of up to 45m/s, reliably and stably generating renewable wind power. ● Vertical axis wind turbine is equipped with automatic wind angle adjustment function, adapting to different wind directions and providing green life for home wind power system.
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With a passion for renewable wind energy, the new 400W vertical axis wind turbine for sale. Equipped with a 12V/24V voltage system, this VAWT wind turbine can easily be used for domestic or off-grid living. Its starting wind speed is only 2m/s, rated wind speed reaches 11m/s, and safe wind speed is up to 45m/s, which ensures stable operation under various wind speeds. The aluminum 12 blades and 0.65m diameter wind wheel enable it to generate electricity efficiently in various environments. Permanent magnetic levitation generator and electromagnetic braking method ensure stable power generation and safety performance. Automatic adjustment of wind direction angle and self-lubrication lubrication method make it more intelligent and convenient.

400W vertical axis wind turbine feature


  • This vertical axis wind turbine generator has low starting wind speed, small size, low running vibration, ultra-low mute sound, intelligent microprocessor control, which can effectively regulate the current and voltage.
  • This wind turbine generator can be designed into larger scale to increase power generation efficiency and capacity.
  • Less noisy and environmentally friendly, suitable for urban and residential areas.


  1. Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Levitation Generator: Utilizing rare-earth permanent magnet technology, it is compact in size and provides powerful power generation capacity.
  2. Compact Size and Beautiful Appearance: Exquisite appearance design, suitable for beautification and decoration in various environments.
  3. Convenient Flange Design: Simple and quick installation, suitable for different scenarios.
  4. High-quality Aluminum Alloy Blades: made of aluminum alloy blades, lightweight and durable, improving power generation efficiency and prolonging service life.
400W vertical axis wind turbine detail

400W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Decomposition Diagram

400W vertical axis wind turbine structure

1 2 3 4 5
Wind Blade End Cap Magnets Bolt Flat Washers
6 7 8 9 10
Elastic Washers Nuts Rotor Bearings Bearing Retaining Rings Stator Coil
11 12 13 14 15
Flat Key Motor Housing Rotor Bearing Bearing Retaining Ring Flange Base

4kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine System Connection

400W vertical axis wind turbine system connection

4kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Wind and Light Complementary System

400W vertical axis wind turbine light system connection

System Description

Normally, the battery is charged by the wind turbine and solar panel through the controller, and power is supplied directly to the DC load through the DC output port of the controller. In cloudy and rainy weather with no wind and no light, the power output from the wind turbine and solar panel is not enough to charge the battery, thus resulting in undervoltage of the battery, the controller outputs a dry contact control signal to automatically switch to the utility power to supply power to the load.

Rated Power 400W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V
Start-up Air Speed 2m/s
Rated Wind Speed 11m/s
Safe Wind Speed 45m/s
Top Net Weight 25kg
Wind Wheel Diameter 0.65m
Number of Blades 12 tablets
Blade Material Aluminium
Generator Permanent magnetic levitation generator
Braking Method Electromagnetism
Wind Direction Adjustment Wind angle automatically
Lubrication Method Self-lubricating
Operating Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Residential property

Residential Property

Small urban business districts

Small Urban Business Districts

Rural and pastoral areas

Rural and Pastoral Areas

Mountain slopes

Mountain Slopes


Q1. Can a 400 watt vertical axis wind turbine power a home or business?

While a 400 watt wind turbine generator can meet your energy needs, it may not be enough by itself to power an entire home or business. Consider using it as part of a hybrid system or as a supplemental power source to other renewable energy technologies or the grid.

Q2. What is the typical service life and warranty coverage of a 400 watt vertical axis wind turbine?

Service life varies depending on factors such as material quality, maintenance practices and environmental conditions. Most reputable manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years, covering defects and certain maintenance issues.

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