Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 300W/400W

● Portable vertical axis wind turbines for home with power ratings of 300W and 400W respectively. ● Available in 12V or 24V rated voltage, the start-up wind speed is as low as 1.5m/s, which enables it to generate power efficiently even in low wind speed environments. ● Aluminum fan blades and flange mounting provide further durability in harsh environments. ● Safe wind speed up to 45m/s and automatic downwind adjustment features improve wind capture efficiency, while automatic braking in extreme wind speeds ensures equipment safety.
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This portable vertical wind turbine stands out for its high efficiency, rated from 300W to 400W for 12V/24V voltage systems. Starting quickly in a 1.5m/s breeze, it can provide stable capacity in wind speeds up to 11m/s. Fan blades up to 1.1m in diameter, made of sturdy aluminum alloy, 4-blade design for improved efficiency. Convenient installation, can be easily mounted by flange. Equipped with rare-earth permanent magnet generator and NdFeB magnet material, electromagnetic braking system and automatic downwind adjustment guarantee excellent performance.

Vertical axis wind turbine 300 to 400w feature


  • Horizontal axis wind turbines are perfect to use wind electricity for home.
  • HAWT wind turbines use reinforced fiberglass blades for greater wind resistance and higher wind energy utilization.
  • Horizontal axis wind turbine brakes are electromagnetic and automatically adjust to the wind.


  1. The wheel and blades are designed with positioning holes, which can intelligently adjust the direction of the blades according to the wind speed, greatly improving the utilization rate of wind energy.
  2. The blades are made of high-quality reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), with stronger wind resistance and high wind energy utilization coefficient.
  3. Electromagnetic/wind turbine bias side, with maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control, effective regulation of current and voltage.
  4. Adopting high temperature resistant Teflon wires, it is not easy to burn the wires when the generator overloads and heats up.
Vertical axis wind turbine 300 to 400w detail

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 300W/400W Decomposition Diagram

Vertical axis wind turbine 300 to 400w decomposition chart

1 2 3 4 5
Magnets Nuts Flat washers Bolt Triangle interleader
6 7 8 9 10
Interdirectors Wind blade Bolt Flat washers Elastic washer
11 12 13 14 15
Nuts End caps Rotor bearings Bearing retaining ring Stator coil
16 17 18 19 20
Flat key Motor housing Rotor bearing Bearing retaining ring Flange base

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 300W/400W Dimension Diagram (unit: mm)

Vertical axis wind turbine 300 to 400w size

Rated Power 300W/400W (optional)
Maximum Power 300W: 310W; 400W: 410W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V
Starting Wind Speed 1.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed 11m/s
Safe Wind Speed ≤45m/s
Fan Blade Diameter 1.1m
Number of Blades 4
Installation Method Flange installation
Blade Material Aluminum
Generator Type Rare-earth Permanent Magnet Generator
Magnetic Steel Material NdFeB
Braking Method Electromagnetism
Wind Adjustment Automatic Windward Adjustment
Working Temperature -40~80
Vertical turbine for home


Vertical turbine for street lights

Street Lights

Vertical turbine for caravan


Vertical turbine for onshore

Onshore Generation


Q1. What is a vertical axis wind turbine and how is it different from a horizontal axis wind turbine?

A VAWT is a wind turbine in which the main rotor axis is arranged vertically.The blades of a HAWT rotate around a horizontal axis, while the blades of a vertical axis wind turbine rotate around a vertical axis. This design has the advantages of simple structure, low manufacturing cost and easy maintenance.

Q2. What is the power output of the 300w/400w VAWT?

A 300w/400w horizontal axis wind turbine typically refers to the power output of a wind turbine, ranging from 300 watts to 400 watts. These turbines are suitable for a variety of applications such as powering remote areas, charging batteries in off-grid systems, or supporting small-scale power needs in residential environments. Their small size and high efficiency make them ideal for decentralized energy generation.

Q3. How to optimize the performance of a 300w/400w vertical axis wind turbine?

To optimize the performance of a 300w/400w VAWT, consider installing it in an area with steady, unobstructed wind flow. Regular maintenance, including inspection and cleaning of the blades, will ensure efficient operation. Additionally, knowing the wind direction in your area and orienting the turbine can significantly increase its power production. Be sure to refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for proper installation and maintenance procedures to maximize the life and efficiency of your vertical axis wind turbine.

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Ida | 5/14/2024 1:42 AM
Wind turbine is good, but in terms of power generation efficiency, I would recommend buying a solar product.