5kW Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, 220V/380V

● The horizontal axis wind turbine has a rated power of 5kw and a maximum power of 5,700W, which ensures efficient power generation at all wind speeds. ● Rated voltage of 220V or 380V can be selected to meet different power needs. The start-up wind speed is only 3m/s, which enables it to be put into operation quickly even in low wind speed environment. ● Adopting 3 pieces of 5.3m reinforced fiberglass blades, flange mounting method, and rare earth permanent magnet generator to ensure the stability of the system, and the safe wind speed is up to 45m/s. ● Equipped with electromagnetic braking and automatic downwind regulation, the wind turbine still operates efficiently under extreme weather conditions.
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With a rated power of 5kw and a maximum power of 5,700w, this wind turbine is available in 220V or 380V ratings. Its unique design allows for a starting wind speed of only 3m/s, a rated wind speed of 11m/s, and a safe wind speed of up to 45m/s. The use of 5.3m reinforced fiberglass blades, flange mounting, and rare-earth permanent magnet generator and neodymium-iron-boron magnets ensures efficient and reliable power generation performance. Electromagnetic braking and automatic downwind regulation system guarantee stable operation under a wide range of operating temperatures from -40~80℃.

Horizontal wind turbine 5kw feature


  • Horizontal axis wind turbines are perfect to use wind electricity for home.
  • HAWT wind turbines use reinforced fiberglass blades for greater wind resistance and higher wind energy utilization.
  • Horizontal axis wind turbine brakes are electromagnetic and automatically adjust to the wind.


  1. The wheel and blades are designed with positioning holes, which can intelligently adjust the direction of the blades according to the wind speed, greatly improving the utilization rate of wind energy.
  2. The blades are made of high-quality reinforced glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), with stronger wind resistance and high wind energy utilization coefficient.
  3. Electromagnetic/wind turbine bias side, with maximum power tracking intelligent microprocessor control, effective regulation of current and voltage.
  4. Adopting high temperature resistant Teflon wires, it is not easy to burn the wires when the generator overloads and heats up.
Horizontal wind turbine 5kw detail
Rated Power 5KW
Maximum Power 5700W
Rated Voltage 220V/380V (optional)
Starting Wind Speed 3m/s
Rated Wind Speed 11m/s
Safe Wind Speed ≀45m/s
Fan Blade Diameter 5.3m
Number of Blades 3
Installation Method Flange Installation
Blade Material Reinforced Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
Generator Type Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Generator
Magnetic Steel Material NdFeB
Braking Method Electromagnetism
Wind Adjustment Automatic Windward Adjustment
Working Temperature -40~80℃
Wind farm

Wind Farm

Remote region

Remote Region

Industrial wind energy

Industrial Wind Energy

Wind turbine for homes and public areas

Wind Turbine for Home and Public Area


Q1. How does a 5kw horizontal axis wind turbine work?

A 5kw horizontal wind turbine generates electricity by harnessing the power of wind to rotate its blades, which are attached to a horizontal rotor. As the blades spin, they drive a generator connected to the turbine, converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical power. This clean and renewable energy source is ideal for both residential and small-scale commercial applications.

Q2. What maintenance is required for a 5kw horizontal axis wind turbine?

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of a 5kw hawt. Tasks include inspecting blades for damage, checking and tightening bolts, and monitoring electrical components. Additionally, periodic professional inspections are recommended to identify potential issues and address them before they become major problems.

Q3. Is a building permit required for installing a 5kw horizontal axis wind turbine?

Yes, obtaining a building permit is typically necessary before installing a 5kw horizontal wind turbine. Local regulations and zoning laws vary, so it's essential to check with the relevant authorities to ensure compliance. Permits ensure that the turbine meets safety standards and environmental requirements, and they often involve considerations for noise levels and visual impact on the surrounding area.

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Andrew | 6/4/2024 9:42 AM
The product is of good quality
The product is of good quality overall, but as with any mechanical part, it will eventually need maintenance or replacement of bearings. The wind turbine is OK at the top of the mountain, but it's not as convenient and practical as a solar panel, especially in bad weather. And, the 5000-watt wind turbine still does make some noise.