Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, 300W/400W/500W

● High-performance horizontal axis wind turbine for home, offering a wide range of power options of 300W, 400W and 500W to provide reliable power. ● The HAWT is capable of rapidly converting wind energy into electricity for multi-scenario applications with 12V/24V rated voltage options. ● NdFeB magnetic steel material ensures stable operation under various wind conditions, providing reliable power output. ● Portable wind turbine design is simple and easy to install and maintain, providing a convenient use experience. Use for off grid living.
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The hawt turbine has a variety of rated power options, including 300W, 400W and 500W, to accommodate different energy needs. Its 12V/24V rated voltage, 2.5m/s starting wind speed and safe wind speed up to 55m/s ensure efficient and stable power generation performance. 3 or 5 nylon fiber blades can be selected according to demand, and flange mounting is adopted for easy and convenient installation. Rare-earth permanent magnet generator with NdFeB magnet steel material is equipped with electromagnetic braking system, which has strong wind regulation. Automatic downwind regulation and a wide range of operating temperatures (-40~80℃) make it a reliable green energy choice.

Horizontal axis wind turbine 300 to 500w feature


  • Portable wind turbine, perfectly adapted to home wind turbine system.
  • Horizontal wind turbine can be used in a wide range of applications, such as rooftop, caravan, camping and street lighting.
  • The hawt turbine is characterized by high wind resistance, low vibration and start-up wind speed, and high wind energy utilization.


  1. Horizontal wind turbine with stainless steel tail
  2. Reinforced nylon fiber for blade material
  3. Wind direction adjustment is automatically adjusted to windward
Horizontal axis wind turbine 300 to 500w detail
Rated Power 300W/400W/500W (optional)
Maximum Power 300W: 320W; 400W: 430W; 500W: 510W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V
Starting Wind Speed 2.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed 300W: 11m/s; 400W: 11.5m/s; 500W: 12m/s
Safe Wind Speed ≤55m/s
Fan Blade Diameter 300W: 1.4m; 400W: 1.6m; 500W: 1.6m
Number of Blades 3/5 blades (optional)
Installation Method Flange Installation
Blade Material Nylon Fiber
Generator Type Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Generator
Magnetic Steel Material NdFeB
Braking Method Electromagnetism
Wind Adjustment Automatic Windward Adjustment
Working Temperature -40~80
Wind turbine for home


Wind turbine for street lights

Street Lights

Wind turbine for caravan


Wind turbine for camping



Q1. How does a horizontal axis wind turbine generate electricity?

A HAWT generates electricity through the conversion of wind energy into rotational motion. The turbine's blades capture the kinetic energy of the wind, causing the rotor to spin. This rotational motion is then transferred to a generator, where it is converted into electrical power.

Q2. What factors determine the output power of a 300W/400W/500W HAWT?

The output power of a HAWT depends on several factors, including wind speed, blade design, and generator efficiency. Higher wind speeds generally result in increased power generation. Additionally, the design and length of the turbine blades play a crucial role in capturing more wind energy. The efficiency of the generator in converting rotational energy into electricity also influences the overall output power.

Q3. Is a horizontal axis wind turbine suitable for residential use?

Yes, HAWTs in the 300w to 500w range are well-suited for residential use. They are designed to provide a sustainable and reliable source of electricity for small-scale applications. However, it's essential to consider local wind conditions and regulations before installing a horizontal axis wind turbine. Proper maintenance is also crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the turbine.

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Kyle | 6/5/2024 9:03 AM
Better than expected
I've used this wind turbine for a while and it's great. It's the same style as my previous purchase but lighter and smaller. Makes no noise.