500W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, 12V/24V

● High quality 500W vertical axis wind turbine with 12V/24V rated voltage. ● Aluminum alloy shell, sturdy and durable, can be used in -40℃~80℃ environment. ● Based on the characteristics of power generation curve, the power generation is 10%~30% higher than similar products. ● Can be used in off-grid and grid-connected systems, together with solar panels.
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With the advantages of low starting wind speed, low operating vibration and strong wind resistance, this 500W vertical axis wind turbine generator will be a practical power solution for your home and outdoor trips. The wind turbine generators we offer are built with care and attention to every detail, and are easy and quick to install, so whoever wants to use them can do so with ease. Meanwhile, this wind generator has a special design to effectively prevent the blades from falling off, breaking, flying out and other problems, to protect your safety when using. It is recommended to buy controller, inverter, battery and solar panel together to build your private power generation system.

500W vertical axis wind turbine feature


  • Adopting vertical blade and triangular double pivot design, the force point is concentrated in the hub to prevent the blade from falling off.
  • Horizontal plane rotation, the blades apply the principle of airplane wing design, which makes the noise reduced to a level that cannot be measured in the natural environment.
  • The starting wind speed is lower than other forms of wind turbines, and the rise in power generation is flatter. 
  • The blades themselves are rotational speed protected, while mechanical manual and electronic automatic brakes can be configured. In areas without typhoons and super gusts only manual brakes need to be set.


  1. Selected Materials: excellent aluminum alloy blades with plastic spraying or oxidation treatment on the surface, good anti-corrosion.
  2. Magnetic Levitation Generator: low torque and high conversion rate of power generation during startup.
  3. Braking Device: the blades have rotational speed protection, and safety can be guaranteed even in a windy environment.
  4. Reasonable Design: the hub groove and the blades are tightly fitted with each other to make them match better.
500W vertical axis wind turbine details

500W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Hybrid Off-grid System Connection Diagram

500W wind turbine off-grid system connection diagram

500W Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Hybrid Grid-tied System Connection Diagram

500W wind turbine grid-tied system connection diagram

Rated Power 500W
Rated Voltage 12V/24V
Start-up Air Speed 1.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed 12m/s
Safe Wind Speed 45m/s
Wind Wheel Diameter 1.15m
Blade Height 955mm
Number of Blades 9/12 pieces
Blade Material Aluminium
Generator Permanent magnetic levitation generator
Control System Electromagnetic brake
Yaw Mode Automatic windward angle
Weight 19kg
Working Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Residential areas

Residential Areas

Small urban business districts

Small Urban Business Districts

Rural and pastoral areas

Rural and Pastoral Areas

Mountain cliffs

Mountain Cliffs


Q1. How efficient is a 500W vertical axis wind turbine?

Vertical axis wind turbines are typically slightly less efficient than traditional horizontal axis wind turbines. This is because they typically face more aerodynamic drag when capturing wind energy and their speed is usually lower. However, advances in modern design and materials technology are gradually closing this efficiency gap. In addition, the insensitivity of VAWTs to changes in wind direction means that they can generate power in a wider range of wind conditions, which in practice compensates for the difference in efficiency.

Q2. What are the economic returns of purchasing a 500W vertical axis wind turbine?

The economic rewards of a vertical axis wind turbine include reduced electricity bills and the potential for renewable energy subsidies from national or local governments. In the long term, wind power can reduce dependence on conventional energy sources, provide a stable energy supply, and potentially supply electricity to the grid and generate additional revenue through feed-in tariff policies.

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