H Branch PV Panel Connector, 5 to 1

● Multipoint connection, DCII security class, 1000V/50A, IP68 waterproof grade. ● Self-Locking Joints: Utilizes a compression-connected, self-locking structure in both male and female heads. ● Preferred materials, thickened copper core, dustproof and waterproof, pressure and wear-resistant ● Insertion force ≤50N, pulling out force ≥50N
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Featuring a robust 1000V rating, the photovoltaic connector is constructed with durable PPO insulation and copper tin-plated conductors, ensuring both reliability and conductivity while effectively resisting corrosion. It operates seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +95℃ and exhibits resilience in extreme conditions from -40℃ to +135℃. Compliant with DCII security standards, it proudly holds an IP68 waterproof rating. This solar module connector is equipped with a multi-point connection system, an embedded self-locking mechanism, and user-friendly attributes, including a minimal insertion force of ≀50N and a pulling out force of β‰₯50N.


H branch solar panel connector 5 to 1 feature


  • Crafted with PPO housing and copper tin-plated conductors, this connector ensures durability.
  • It offers dustproof and waterproof capabilities, along with strong resistance to aging and UV exposure, making it lightweight, user-friendly, and easy to install for enhanced safety and extended service life.
  • Secure connections are achieved through a combination of compression and clamping methods between connectors and cables.
  • With a reliable self-locking structure, the male and female connectors are stably fixed, allowing for convenient and unrestricted opening and closing.


  1. Superior PPO Composition: This connector utilizes top-grade PPO material known for its high-quality, radiation resistance, temperature resilience, strength, impact resistance, and flame-retardant properties.
  2. T2 Copper Wiring: The connector features T2 copper wiring with a tin/silver-plated conductor, ensuring wear and corrosion resistance, oxidation prevention, low resistance, and robust conductivity.
  3. Sturdy Waterproof Seal: It incorporates a robust waterproof seal, enhanced with insulating silicone, providing dependable protection against water, dust, and achieving an IP68 rating.
  4. Reliable Self-Locking Design: The connector employs a secure self-locking design with compression-connected joints in both male and female heads, ensuring a steadfast and reliable connection.
H branch 5 to 1 solar panel connector detail

H Branch PV Panel Connector, 5 to 1  Dimension (unit: mm)

H branch solar connector 5 to 1 sizes

Rated Voltage 1000V
Insulation Material PPO
Conductor Material Copper tin-plated
Ambient Temperature -40β„ƒο½ž+95℃
Product Temperature -40β„ƒο½ž+135℃
Security Class DCII
Waterproof Grade IP68
Contact Resistance ≀0.35mΞ©
Product Feature 3 parallel 1 converging
Self-locking System Embedded
Insertion Force ≀50N
Pulling Out Force β‰₯50N
Rated Current 50A
Flame Retardant Rating UL94-VO
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Street solar panel connector

Street Lights

Farms solar panel connector



Q1. Is H Branch PV Panel Connector, 5 to 1 compatible with all solar panels?

The compatibility of an H-Branch PV Panel Connector, 5 to 1, with solar panels depends on several factors, and it's crucial to consider these before making connections:

  • Voltage and Current Ratings: Ensure that the voltage and current ratings of the H-Branch connector align with the specifications of your solar panels. Exceeding these ratings can lead to inefficient performance or potential damage.
  • Connector Type: Check if the connector type used in the H-Branch connector matches the connectors on your solar panels. Common connector types include MC4 or MC6. Some H-Branch connectors are universal, while others may be designed for specific connector types.
  • System Configuration: Verify that the intended use of the H-Branch connector (parallel or series connections) aligns with your solar panel installation's configuration. Different solar panel setups may require specific connector configurations.

Q2. What does "5 to 1" mean in this context?

"5 to 1" indicates that the connector allows the combination of inputs from up to five different solar panels or branches into a single output. It means that you can connect five individual solar panel outputs to this connector, which then consolidates them into a single output. This configuration is often used in solar panel installations to streamline wiring and make the overall system more manageable.

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