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Solar Power in Illinois

Illinois residents who go solar could potentially cut their energy bills and reduce their dependence on grid energy. Request a free quote to get started.

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Building a Movement in Illinois

POWERHOME SOLAR's mission is to build a movement around solar energy in Illinois. We're dedicated to helping our customers own their power by adding solar. Joining our solar movement could potentially save you money upfront and over the long-term as you work toward creating a more sustainable future for your family.

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POWERHOME SOLAR Office In Illinois

Solar panel installations in Illinois are expected to increase by more than 1,700 megawatts over the next five years, and you could help build the movement. Here is the POWERHOME SOLAR Illinois office near you.

(630) 934-1448
505 S. Tyler Rd., Suite A
St Charles, IL 60174

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Choosing POWERHOME SOLAR as Your Illinois Solar Installer

As one of the leading Illinois solar installers, it’s our mission to bring the power of the sun to residents and businesses statewide. When you choose POWERHOME SOLAR, you’re not only getting unrivaled industry knowledge – you’ll also learn about our exclusive Energy Efficiency Package, our financing, and our first-class solar panel installation process.

Combine that with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty on the American-made solar panels we install, and you’ll see why so many of your neighbors have gone solar in Illinois.

Benefits of Adding Residential Solar Panels to Your Illinois Home

The benefits of solar energy extend far beyond the potential to reduce your electric bills. Investing in solar also could allow you to potentially reduce your dependence on grid energy and potentially avoid the full brunt of rate increases from the utility companies. Furthermore, you may qualify for one of the many Illinois solar panel incentives. These incentives include a 26% federal investment tax credit (ITC), net metering credits and a special property assessment that could lower your taxes even more. Explore the benefits of solar energy to make the most of your investment.

Our 3-Step Process

In addition to the many financial and environmental benefits of solar, Illinois residents also can experience our convenient, 3-step sales process. From initial phone call to installation day, explore this section for what you can expect each step of the way as you continue down the path toward owning your power.

Step 1

Request A Free Quote

First, complete a contact form to receive a call from a POWERHOME SOLAR representative. We’ll identify your location and determine if your property receives the necessary amount of sunlight to qualify for solar. If you qualify for solar panels, we’ll schedule your free in-home consultation at your convenience.
Step 2

Receive A Free In-Home Consultation

During your consultation, a POWERHOME SOLAR representative will conduct an energy audit and further analyze your property. After a thorough evaluation of your electricity consumption and investment goals, we’ll present a project estimate tailored specifically for your home. Once signed, we’ll do all the work to get your home ready for installation. Before you know it, we’ll be calling to schedule your solar panel installation.
Step 3

Schedule Your Solar Panel Installation

On installation day, our experienced team will seamlessly install your solar panel system. We’re known for our clean, courteous and swift installation process, so you can be confident we will respect your property and privacy as we get your panels up and running. Then get ready for your home to harness the power of the sun!

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Don’t Rent Your Power, Own Your Power in Illinois

The average Illinois household uses approximately 10,000 kWh of electricity a year. Since the average cost of electricity in Illinois is nearly 13 cents per kWh, your electric bill can easily exceed $1,000 for the year. With continually rising prices for grid energy because of grid maintenance and other hidden fees, you can expect to see your electric bill continue to increase in Illinois.

Now that solar power is more accessible than ever, go solar and get ahead of the game. Factor in the potential local and federal solar initiatives, and you’ll be closer to owning your power and potentially saving thousands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Solar Panels Save Me Money in Illinois?
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If you add residential solar panels to your Illinois home, our best estimate is that you could save money. To find out exactly how much you could potentially save, contact one of our solar power experts today.
Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?
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At POWERHOME SOLAR, we value accuracy and correctness. When we install our solar systems, we take every precaution to prevent roof damage. In fact, we install most of our solar systems on roofs instead of in yards, but we’re well-versed in installing either type. With our expert install team, you can trust that we know how to install solar panels correctly.
Do Solar Panels Work in the Illinois Winter?
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We know how Illinois winters are full of subfreezing temperatures and extreme amounts of snow. However, solar panels still work whenever there is sunlight in the sky! That includes cloudy days. Interestingly enough, solar panels could work more efficiently in the winter. The light from the Illinois snow can reflect onto your solar panels and generate more power. Also, solar panels retain energy better in the winter than in the spring and summer.

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