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Solar Panels Virginia Beach, VA

POWERHOME SOLAR offers efficient, high-output monocrystalline solar panels in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas to homeowners and businesses statewide.

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Visit Our Virginia Beach Website

Residents in Virginia Beach, VA are learning the benefits of the solar movement. Visit our Virginia Beach website to learn about all things solar in your area

Virginia Beach, VA Solar Installation

First, submit a contact form to request your free solar quote. A member of our team will speak with you to see if your home qualifies for solar and schedule your free in-home consultation. During the visit, our experts will assess your energy usage and provide you with an estimate for your completed project. Once your contract is signed, our engineering team will start designing your solar panel array, and we’ll complete the work necessary behind the scenes to prepare your home for installation. Before you know it, we’ll be calling to schedule your installation date.

Virginia Beach, VA Coverage Areas

Our commitment to solar energy extends beyond Virginia Beach! We offer residential and commercial solar panels in the following cities:

  • Carrollton
  • Chesapeake
  • Colonial Heights
  • Chester
  • Elizabeth City, NC
  • Gloucester
  • Hampton
  • Highland Springs
  • Kill Devil Hills, NC
  • Moyock
  • Newport News
  • Norfolk
  • Petersburg
  • Portsmouth
  • Poquoson
  • Suffolk
  • White Marsh
  • Williamsburg
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Hear From Our Customers
hear from our customers
At POWERHOME SOLAR, our customers are our top priority. Check out our Solar Reviews page to learn about our customers’ experiences with solar energy. You can also visit our Case Studies page for an in-depth look at how solar energy changed our customers’ lives.
Generate Your Own Energy in Virginia Beach, Virginia

With POWERHOME SOLAR, qualified homeowners and business owners in Virginia Beach, VA and beyond can start to generate their own energy by installing premium, American-made solar panels designed for maximum efficiency. Not only will you potentially set yourself up for lower electric bills, but you’ll also help your community go green.

Take Control of Your Electric Bill

Avoid overpaying for power from your utility company and instead produce your own clean energy from your rooftop. Solar panel installation gives you the opportunity to potentially save tens of thousands of dollars on your electric bill over the lifespan of your solar panels in Virginia Beach. You could potentially start saving from Day 1.

Virginia Beach Solar Incentives, Rebates and Tax Credits

The cost of solar has dropped in recent years, making this a prime time to go solar in Virginia Beach. POWERHOME SOLAR makes adding solar panels more affordable by offering qualified residents and business owners 100% financing and $0 down to start installation.

In addition to our incentives, you may be eligible for numerous federal, state and local rebates and tax credits. Contact your local municipality to learn more about your options, including:

The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC), a tax deduction of up to 26% for the cost of your solar power installation through the end of 2020; and

Net metering, a program in Virginia that credits you on future energy bills for the excess solar power you add to the grid.

Interested in Becoming a Virginia Beach Solar-Powered Homeowner or Business Owner?

Are you interested in going solar? Contact POWERHOME SOLAR today to see if you qualify for a solar panel installation in Virginia Beach. We offer an easy three-step process to get you up and running as soon as possible. If approved, we will send a solar expert to your home or business for a free consultation and help you get started with any mandatory permit processes in your township or county.

Join Us in Building a Movement

POWERHOME SOLAR’s mission is to build a better, greener future for generations to come. We install solar panels to your home or business so you can create clean, renewable energy while potentially reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. The solar movement is just getting started in Virginia Beach, VA—be a green leader in your community.

Areas Served
  • Gloucester
  • Isle of Wight
  • James City
  • Mathews
  • Surry
  • York

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