Alesha Metter System Details

Danville, Michigan
33 solar panels
9.90 kw system
Power Generation

There are many aspects to consider when going solar such as the cost, how many solar panels will be needed, and all the regulatory prerequisites behind the scenes. However, for Alesha Metter and her family, it was a no-brainer to go solar.

Meet the Metters from Dansville, Michigan. As construction company business owners, this family of five decided it was only right to own their own power at home as well. Alesha and David no longer wanted to solely depend on the big utility power companies to provide the energy they needed for their home. Going the more environmentally friendly route was also at the top of their list of reasons for adding solar.

“I have two businesses and they’re both very green and paperless. We try to leave a very minimum carbon footprint on everything we do. The savings we have from going solar, we also put back into our company. Therefore, our customers see those savings as well.” Alesha stated.

After welcoming POWERHOME SOLAR into their home, the Metters soon found their monthly energy bills decreasing once their system was installed. This was not only a great investment for the family but also an informative lesson for their kids to understand the importance of saving energy.

Alesha mentioned how she explained the energy change to her kids. “They saw the $500-$600 electric bill prior to going solar and then when I showed them the first $6 bill after we had the panels, you could tell it clicked in their heads. We have more money to go do fun things because we’re not paying the big utility company.”

Although the Metters were confident in their investment, a few of their friends, family members, even neighbors were curious as to how the panels would function in a state like Michigan. With its rough winters and heavy snowfall, many in the mitten-shaped state doubt solar power’s effectiveness there. However, Alesha was more than happy to prove everyone wrong and let her electric bill speak for itself.

“My friends and family will ask me things such as how much did my bill decrease and I have no problem showing them proof. My friends and family will inquire about the process and I tell everybody how easy it is and how painless POWERHOME SOLAR makes it on the customer.” She continued to explain how her panels stand up to Michigan snowstorms. “Let’s say I wake up in the morning to a fresh snowfall, I would say by the next day at most, it’s dripping all day and getting rid of the snow by that next day the snow is coming off those panels.”

The day of install was a satisfying one for Alesha and her family. The POWERHOME SOLAR installation crew handled her panels with care and represented themselves and their company to the fullest. Her sales representative, Jay, was the ideal person to work with as he and the team educated her on everything she and her family would need to know about their installation. These reassuring workers allowed Alesha to feel comfortable when leaving her home knowing she has protection for potentially skyrocketing energy bills if she leaves a few lights on.

“Everybody should want to work with POWERHOME SOLAR. Number one, their customer service is superb, the salesmanship is superb, and the installation is far superior to any other people I had come out to try to give me a quote for solar energy.”

POWERHOME SOLAR loves to see our customers thrive with solar technology in their homes. Alesha proudly recommends going solar to those interested. “I would 100% tell anybody, if they can, if they want to, make the leap and go to solar because of what we’re doing to better our home and our output into the world. I would recommend anybody to do solar energy.”