Claudia and Phillip Clifton System Details

Gloucester, Virginia
31 Solar Panels
9.15 KW
Power Generation

Claudia Clifton knows a great value when she sees one, and she knows she has that with her solar panels. Knowing that explains her eagerness to share that news with others.

Solar Panels Reduce Electric Bills

Wherever Clifton goes, she brings a flowery folder in case a conversation starts up where solar panels are discussed. Inside the folder are her electric bills since getting solar panels, and she’s circled the monthly balance in black marker to draw your attention quickly to how low those bills are. Along with those, the Gloucester, Va., resident has a copy of how much her home has appreciated with solar panels. She makes a compelling case, a case that was initially made for her and her husband Phillip, when POWERHOME Solar sales consultant Mark Davies, one of the company’s top consultants, showed up at the Cliftons’ door for their appointment. Claudia even routinely even shares her story on POWERHOME’s Facebook pages.

“Well you wouldn’t believe how many people I talk to daily,” says Clifton, who is of Dutch descent and has a cool, distinctive accent.

Inspiring the Solar Movement

She got one of her next-door neighbors to go solar, a process that began after she pitched the idea of hosting a solar party (think Tupperware party) at her home. POWERHOME Solar paid for the spread of food and drinks, and Davies made a presentation that netted POWERHOME three sales in all.

Even better for Clifton is that she receives a $250 referral bonus for every customer she refers. That’s not a special for her because of her advocacy, but a standing offer to all POWERHOME customers who refer others that end up installing solar panels with us. Clifton has referred three other customers who have yet to be installed as well.

“I always tell everybody, I’m living proof. I always invite everybody to come see my solar and look at my bills. I tell everybody, my bills are my bills. It doesn’t mean that you will save as much as I will. Everybody is different. It depends on a lot of things.” -Clifton says.

Not just a Solar Panel Customer, but a Roofing Customer Too

Clifton is well-known in the community not only for her zeal for solar but because she operates her own lawn mowing business. It’s uncommon to see many women in that line of work, yet there Clifton is, blonde hair distinctively braided to the side, doing jobs throughout her community. Her riding mower is lightning fast and outfitted with top-of-the-line, industrial-strength tires. No worries about flats with her.

What’s also unique about Clifton as a solar customer is that she’s also a roofing one. POWERHOME Solar is not only a solar company, but a GAF-certified Master Elite roofing installer, meaning that we can do both jobs for those needing new roofs. The ability not only to finance her panels but also her roof made it very attractive to work with POWERHOME. “You just couldn’t beat it,” Clifton says.

Solar Powers Christmas Spirit

So not only is Clifton’s home outfitted with 31 solar panels, she has new shingles too, and they look sharp. The solar panels provided a great benefit during the 2018 holiday season too. Clifton says she has the largest display of Christmas lights in Gloucester, a display she starts installing in October, and her solar panels cushioned the electric bill blow significantly.
“You can’t take it with one picture because it’s so big,” Clifton proudly says of her light display. “My bill was outrageously low [compared to 2017]. It was unbelievable. Just from the lights, I thought for sure the bill was going to be higher, but it wasn’t. I’m very, very happy.”

Clifton’s Advocacy of Solar Panels

For those in the Gloucester area, if you happen to see Clifton coming, she may have a sales pitch waiting for you.

“A lot of people don’t have money, and it’s just, ‘Why wouldn’t you pay money to yourself? Don’t waste all that money to Dominion power. Once your panels are paid off, you’re gonna be home free basically.’”

Clifton and her husband, a trucker, plan to have their solar panels paid off in seven years. That’s an aggressive timeline, but one that her determination is bound to help her meet. And with as good as she is with lining up appointments for Davies, maybe she has another side business waiting for her too. She’s planning two more solar parties for 2019 – one in July and the other around the holiday season to showcase her lights display. She has the perfect room to host both in the Man Cave, a cottage in her backyard.

From being a customer to be an ardent advocate, Clifton is all in on solar in her Virginia home. Are you?