Ed and Wendy Weeks System Details

Columbiaville, Michigan
25 Solar Panels
7.13 KW
Power Generation

To understand the value of solar panels is to understand the value of paying yourself. Ed and Wendy Weeks know that very well, which is why solar made sense for them and their home in Columbiaville, Michigan.

Michigan Residents Choose Solar

Ed, a longtime employee of GM and volunteer fireman, and Wendy, a hairdresser whose salon is in their home, were looking for ways to save money where they could, and they found one of POWERHOME’s ads in 2017 and responded. They were sold on the lengthy warranty of the solar panels and the ability to own the portion of power that their panels produce. All of that energy is free to them once the panels are paid off.

“Your investment into your home — what you’re paying to help save money, you’re paying less than some of the cars you’re driving, and how long do those last?”

After having a brush with cancer, the Weekses value things that last, because they know how fleeting life can be. In 2016, Ed was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer in his colon and rectum, requiring surgery and six months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments that kept him out of work for one month. But he persevered and has been cancer free since, though he’s been told that he has a high risk of recurrence.

The Weekses decided that solar was right for them and are well-versed in knowing how and why solar works well in Michigan.

Clear or Cloudy Skies, Solar Produces Power

There are numerous customers who believe there’s not enough sun in Michigan for solar to be effective. But the Weekses knows the real answer. The high cost of power in the state positions solar to be a great way to offset those costs.

“There’s plenty of sun, just because it’s cloudy out doesn’t mean that you’re not producing power. There’s days in the summer that we’ve had quite a bit of our house on and we’re producing more power (than we’re using).”

Beyond that, the Weekses are also better users of their existing energy. While every POWERHOME Solar job comes with an energy efficiency package that includes additional blown insulation in your attic, 20 LED light bulbs, an attic staircase cover and hot water heater blanket, the Weekses went through and replaced every remaining light they had with LED bulbs.

Aesthetically Pleasing Solar Panels

Another common misperception potential solar customers have is thinking that solar panels will not be aesthetically pleasing if they need to be placed on the front of their homes. For the Weekses to get the southern exposure best for their home, the panels had to go on the front of their home, along with a slope of roof that faces west. While their home is approximately 50-75 feet from a main thoroughfare, passers-by won’t notice the 25 panels unless you were looking for them.

“They’re black, they don’t stick out,” Ed says. “If I was to get a ground unit, then you’ve got some space that’s going to be taken up in your yard. I’d rather have it up on the roof, that way it’s out of the way. There’s no maintenance to it, there’s no mowing around it, nothing like that. I have enough stuff to mow around. That’s the way I looked at it.”

And as for having solar panels on two roof surfaces, there again, that was no problem. As you can tell by the drone footage in the video, the array is sharp.

Solar Panels Have Evolved

One of the things Ed considered after the fact is whether solar panels presented a fire hazard. That’s a topic near to his heart considering his volunteer work as a lieutenant for the local fire department. POWERHOME had the easy answer for him. Because solar systems are now equipped with rapid shutdown, all a firefighter has to do is turn the system’s inverter switch to the off position, and that will deenergize the solar system within 30 seconds. Or if the power is cut to the home altogether, that will do the same thing. Either way is effective to make sure firefighters don’t deal with the solar-generated electricity in the midst of their work.

So through their own education and experience of having solar panels, the Weekses know all these misconceptions of solar can be refuted. It’s worked well for them, and it will be working for their benefit for a long time.

Pure Michigan solar. You better believe it.