Solar Photovoltaic Fuse Connector, 5A/10A/25A/30A

● Solar photovoltaic fuse connector has a rated voltage of 1000V and a wide range of rated currents, from 5A to 30A, to meet different power requirements. ● The use of PPO insulation and tinned copper conductors with high temperature resistance, ensures excellent insulation and conductivity under various environmental conditions. ● Multi-point connection design and embedded self-locking system with an insertion force of less than 50N for easy installation and a pull-out force of more than 50N to provide superior stability. ● Complies with DCII safety level standard and IP68 waterproof rating, ensuring high safety in solar energy system.
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The solar PV fuse connector is a solar panel connector for solar photovoltaic systems with many excellent features. Rated at 1000V, this PV connector utilizes PPO as the insulating material and tinned copper as the conductor material for reliable electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. The solar connector itself can withstand a wide temperature range of -40°C~135°C. The connector is waterproof to IP68. The waterproof rating of the connectors reaches IP68, ensuring that the connectors can withstand a wide temperature range. The connection system utilizes a multi-point connection design with an embedded self-locking system to ensure a solid connection. In addition, this solar module connector offers a wide range of current ratings to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

Solar photovoltaic fuse connector feature


  • 4 and 1 converging solar module connectors, waterproof to IP68.
  • The outer diameter of the solar module connector measures 3mm-7.5mm (in addition to photovoltaic cables, it is also suitable for electronic cables with smaller wire diameters).
  • Solar panel connectors conductors are tightly coupled to the insulating shell with small false positions.
  • Solar connector male socket and female socket between the false position is small.
  • The pv connector insertion force is small, soft wires can be used.


  1. High Quality Insulation: PPO material is radiation resistant, low/high temperature resistant, high strength, impact resistant and flame retardant.
  2. Conductivity: T2 purple copper conductor with open core, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, low resistance and highly conductive.
  3. High-strength Waterproof Grade: Adopting high-strength waterproof ring and insulating silicone to ensure waterproof, dustproof and IP68 protection grade.
  4. Stabilized Self-locking Structure: The connection adopts crimping method, and both male and female connectors adopt self-locking structure.
Solar photovoltaic fuse connector detail

Solar Photovoltaic Fuse Connector Dimension (unit: mm)

Solar photovoltaic fuse connector size

Rated Voltage 1000V
Insulation Material PPO
Conductor Material Copper tin-plated
Ambient Temperature -40℃~+95℃
Product Temperature -40℃~+135℃
Security Class DCII
Waterproof Grade IP68
Contact Resistance ≤0.35mΩ
Connection System Multi-point connection
Self-locking System Embedded
Insertion Force ≤50N
Pulling Out Force ≥50N
Rated Current 5A/10A/15A/20A/25A/30A (optional)
Flame Retardant Rating UL94-VO
Outdoor solar panel connector


Roof solar panel connector


Street solar panel connector

Street Lights

Farms solar panel connector



Q1. What is a solar photovoltaic fuse connector, and why is it essential in solar installations?

A solar photovoltaic fuse connector is a critical component in solar power systems, designed to protect photovoltaic modules and inverters from overcurrent situations. It integrates both a fuse and a solar connector, ensuring the safety and reliability of the solar installation. By promptly disconnecting faulty modules or inverters during overcurrent events, it safeguards the entire system and prevents potential damage, enhancing the overall performance and longevity of the solar PV array.

Q2. How does the solar photovoltaic fuse connector contribute to system maintenance?

The photovoltaic fuse connector simplifies system maintenance by providing a convenient point of disconnection. In the event of a fault or maintenance requirement, the connector's fuse allows for the isolation of specific sections without disrupting the entire solar array. This modularity facilitates quick and efficient troubleshooting, minimizing downtime and simplifying the overall maintenance process. The connector's design ensures ease of use, making it an invaluable component for installers and maintenance personnel.

Q3. What safety features does the solar photovoltaic fuse connector offer?

The solar pv fuse connector prioritizes safety with features such as reliable overcurrent protection, ensuring that the system operates within specified limits. Additionally, many pv connectors are designed with robust materials, weather-resistant housing, and secure locking mechanisms to withstand harsh environmental conditions. These safety measures collectively contribute to the prevention of electrical fires, equipment damage, and overall system failure, making the pv panel connector an essential element in building a safe and resilient solar power infrastructure.

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Louis | 5/14/2024 1:55 AM
Worth buying PV fuse connectors!
Shell strength is pretty good, waterproof rating is adequate, and the inner core shows no deterioration. Quite satisfied.