Solar Panel Financing

Financial Program

For POWERHOME’s customers, we offer valuable financing that meets your needs. We believe solar energy should be affordable, which is why our solar panel financial program is designed to help you make the switch to solar so you can start saving money and our planet. Our solar financing offers you and your family the possibility to:

  • Save More
  • Begin With $0 Up-Front Cost
  • Own Your Power

Make a significant impact when you start saving money by switching to solar power today.

multiple generations holding solar panels multiple family generations holding solar panels


Own your solar system and pay for it with a loan. Perfect for families that want to start saving money by cutting down their electric bills without having to think of a down payment.

  • $0 down payment
  • 100% financing

The highlights of our loan financing include zero down payment and 100% financing for qualified customers. Some customers will notice their new electric bill in conjunction with their solar payment will be lower than their old bill. With our loan financing program, you will quickly see the savings accumulate.

Once your new solar energy system is paid off, the savings will soar. No need to worry about pre-payment penalties, at POWERHOME Solar we believe you should own your power, which is why you can pay for your system as fast as you want. The loan financing may be obtained through your own sources or ours, lenders who know solar.


Own your POWERHOME solar system and pay for it fully.

Perfect for families looking to maximize the return on investment of their solar energy system. From Day 1, your new electric bill means dramatic savings and cash back in your pocket year after year.

  • Maximize your savings by buying the solar system directly from POWERHOME
  • Take advantage of home equity loans which may be tax-deductible

By purchasing your solar system, you will see major savings from Day 1. Over time, your new solar system will pay for itself through your electric bill savings.

Own Your Power, Don’t Rent It

Why Don’t We Offer a Leasing
Financial Option?

At POWERHOME Solar, we believe everyone should be able to own their power, not rent it. Through our solar financing option, you own the system, no matter which one you choose. Compared to other solar companies that claim to sell solar energy when in reality they’re just leasing them to you, POWERHOME wants to give you the opportunity to own your power.

If you sell your home, you don’t have to worry about the purchaser being approved for the lease of your solar system. Because you own the panels, it will be easiest to pay off any remaining balance on your panels with proceeds from your sale, transferring ownership of the panels to the new owners. Remember, your home's value should rise with solar panels, considering the power that your panels generate is free.

  • Own your power
  • Maximum return on investment

Solar Made Easy

Our solar energy systems are dependable, efficient and feature the latest solar technology innovations to make sure you enjoy the highest return on investment from your solar panel system.

Backed by a 30-year solar panel warranty, the satisfaction of over 11,000 customers and the experience of over 170,000 solar panels installed, we are the #1 residential solar company over 6 states. You'll enjoy the solar panel financing we offer that makes the switch to being powered by the sun an easy one. It will fit your budget, your savings goals and your unique needs.

Through our 1-2-3 steps to solar system installation, owning your power by switching to solar has never been easier.