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Solar panels much cleaner, greener energy source than coal-fired electricity plants

Among the energy sources used to produce electricity, coal emits the most carbon dioxide when burned, making it a less desirable source from an environmental perspective for power grid generation. Not only are there concerns about greenhouse gas emissions from coal, coal ash remains after the resource is spent, and that poses potential problems too.

According to, 110 million tons of coal ash are generated each year. That ash can contain contaminants including mercury, cadmium and arsenic. Some of the ash is reused, whether it’s used as dirt fill or even in the process of making concrete.

Because of 2015 rules enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency, the disposal of coal ash is now much more regulated, but there has been “evidence of groundwater contamination at coal burning power plants across the U.S. where landfills and man-made ponds have been used for decades as dumping grounds for coal ash,” according to a March 2018 article from The Associated Press.

That has raised major concerns from environmentalists about the potential effects that could have on drinking water for those living near the coal-ash sites.

Coal is indeed the double-whammy of environmental concern — from the amounts of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere while burning it, to the storage of the ash after the coal is spent. Concerns like these are why cleaner, greener energy sources such as solar panels are becoming more prevalent and pursued by homeowners and businesses alike. Solar panels emit no carbon dioxide — they just produce energy quietly on rooftops or ground-mounted arrays. And that energy comes from a natural resource in the sun that never will go away, at least not for the next four billion years or so.

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