10A PWM Solar Charge Controller for Hydro Generators, 12V/24V

● 10A PWM solar charge controller with intelligent battery repair, small size, big function. Suitable for micro hydro generators. ● Can be used with Power Home 18V/36V hydro generator. Multi-protection, stable and safe, fault elimination, back to work, wide voltage, high charging efficiency. ● Memory battery, when the battery is completely 0 power, the battery is automatically repaired. ● Wide range of application: it can be used with small water conservancy generators and can be used in solar power generation systems.
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10A PWM solar controller boasts a rated charging and discharge current of 10A, ensuring optimal energy flow and battery health. The controller comes with adjustable parameters, such as a default 12V float voltage set at 14.2V and a 24V float voltage at 28.4V, allowing for customization according to specific energy needs. Additionally, it features discharge cutoff and recovery voltages to protect batteries from over-discharging and aid in their quick recovery. This solar charge controller is ideal for a variety of applications within solar power systems, such as home solar energy setups, solar-powered charging stations, and even in hydropower systems. 

10A PWM solar charge controller feature


  • Multiple protection: short circuit protection, overheating protection, overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge. protection, reverse connection protection.
  • Widely used, solar smart lighting, solar power system, solar charger, hydroelectric system.
  • Large LCD screen for visualizing data and displaying it clearly.
  • Small size, big function, powerful, easy to install.


  1. Menu key: switch the parameter display interface and settings, automatically memorize the parameters after modification.
  2. Up: Press the parameter once to go up one notch.
  3. Flip down: Press the parameter once to reduce one step down/open or close the load switch.
  4. LCD display: Main interface LCD large screen display
10A PWM solar charge controller detail

PWM Solar Charge Controller Connection Scheme

10A PWM solar charge controller connection scheme

1. Connect the positive terminal of the battery to the controller as shown in the picture, the controller will automatically detect the battery voltage.
2. Connect the load positive and negative poles to the controller as shown in the diagram, and be careful not to reverse the connection.

Recommended for Use with Power Home 18V or 36V Hydro Generators

Solar controller paired with hydroelectric generator

Hydro Generator Matching Type PH-MHG-18/PH-MHG-36
Rated Charging Current 10A
Rated Discharge Current 10A
Quick Select Setting Rechargeable Battery 12V/24V
12V Float Voltage 14.2V (default, adjustable) 12V-15V
12V Discharge Cutoff Voltage 10.7V (default, adjustable) 9V-11.5V
12V Discharge Recovery Voltage 12.5V (default, adjustable) 11V-13V
24V Float Voltage 28.4V (default, adjustable) 24V-29V
24V Discharge Cutoff Voltage 19.0V (default, adjustable) 18V-22V
24V Discharge Recovery Voltage 22.0V (default, adjustable) 22V-26V
Standby Current <10mA
USB Output 5V/2A Max
Operating Temperature -35+60"C
Size/Weight 134*70*35mm/150g

PDF computing10A PWM Solar Charge Controller User Manual

Small solar system

Small Solar Power System

Small stream power generation

Small Stream Power Generation

Solar street lights

Solar Street Light

Camping creek

Outdoor Camping Creek


Q1. What is a PWM solar charge controller?

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) solar charge controllers are devices used to regulate the energy flowing from a solar panel into a battery bank. They help in maintaining the battery health by preventing overcharging and deep discharge.

Q2. How does a 10A PWM controller differ from other types?

The "10A" in the name indicates that the controller can handle up to 10 amperes of current. This is suitable for small to medium-sized solar applications.

Q3. What types of batteries can I use with a 10A PWM controller?

These controllers typically work with various battery types such as lead-acid, AGM, gel, and sometimes even lithium batteries. However, compatibility should be checked in the controller’s specifications.

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Steven | 5/8/2024 9:36 AM
Excellent quality for the price.
I had an unused solar panel so I bought this solar charge controller to modify. Good made, stable voltage, accurate display, can charge my cell phone, and most of all cheap.