36V Micro Hydroelectric Generator, 2A, 36W/50W

● 36V mini hydro generator with 36W & 50W power options for different home use. ● Designed with head up to 5.5m and flow rate of 0.3m3/s to optimize hydroelectric efficiency. ● Supports 12V/24V batteries, providing stable charging solution for home devices. ● Portable hydropower generation, weather independent, ensures uninterrupted power supply.
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Available in 36W and 50W types, the 36V micro hydro generator is a rugged, portable home energy solution. With a no-load voltage of 36V and a load current of 2A, it is designed for a head of 5.5m and a flow rate of 0.3m³/s. This miniature system efficiently recharges the batteries and ensures an uninterrupted supply of power, whatever the weather. Ideal for 12V or 24V setups, it utilizes the power of flowing water to charge you and keep you connected.

36V micro hydroelectric generator feature


  • This micro hydro generator is suitable for small water flow scenarios with a drop of about 4 meters in height, making it easy to realize power generation in a variety of environments.
  • Designed for easy access to water, it supports reusability and is suitable for continuous power generation over long periods of time, making it highly convenient.
  • The high-efficiency wheel design makes the generator durable and provides uninterrupted charging in rain or shine.
  • Based on the principle of impact water energy machine, the portable hydro generator has high conversion efficiency, which can effectively improve the utilization of energy.
  • It supports charging 12v and 24v batteries, suitable for home use and meets different power needs.


  1. Water Inlet: The compact design of the water inlet guides the flow of water directly to the water wheel, improving the efficiency of water energy conversion.
  2. Water Wheel: Precise structure, the number and shape of blades are optimized to maximize the use of kinetic energy of water flow.
  3. Rotating LED: Generate light effect through the rotation of the water wheel, visualizing the working status and efficiency of the hydro generator.
  4. Power Output: Stable and reliable output interface, capable of efficiently converting the power generated by hydroelectricity for household use.
Micro hydroelectric generator detail

Micro Hydro Generator Size (Unit: mm)

36V micro hydroelectric generator size

Micro Hydro Generator Wiring Diagram

Micro hydroelectric generator connection diagram

  1. The four-meter high lead pipe impacts the hydrodynamic machine wheel.
  2. The hydrodynamic wheel is facing downwards to prevent water ingress into the machine.
  3. Install in a sun and rain protected ventilated place.
  4. Well fixed to prevent collision.

Note: Not to be immersed in water.

Recommended Matching Controller PH-SCC
DC No Load Voltage 36V
DC Load Current 2A
Power 36W/50W
Rechargeable Battery Voltage 12V/24V
Design Water Head 5.5m
Design Flow Rate 0.3m3/s
Machine Size 168*98*151mm
Weight 1kg

PDF computingWater Generator User Manual

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Q1: What is a 36 volt micro-hydro generator?

A 36 volt micro-hydro generator is a small power generator designed to convert the energy of flowing water into electricity suitable for charging a 36-volt battery system. It utilizes the flow of water in a stream or river, making it ideal for remote locations.

Q2: How do I install a 36-volt mini hydro generator?

To install a micro-hydro generator, secure the turbine in a river or stream with strong currents, connect it to a 36-volt battery pack, and make sure the wiring is watertight and secure. Professional installation is recommended to optimize efficiency and safety.

Q3: Can a 36V micro hydro generator power my home?

A 36V water turbine generator for home can meet a home's energy needs, but usually cannot meet all energy consumption. It is best used in conjunction with other renewable energy sources or for low power applications and battery charging.

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Steven | 5/10/2024 2:02 AM
Very nice hydroelectric generator.
Have got the 50V version and used it for a couple months now, very useful.
Things to watch out for:
1. need to buy a separate voltage regulator.
2. need at least 1 minute 18 liters of water flow to generate electricity.