12 Volt DC Portable Water Turbine Generator

● 12V portable hydro generator can provide DC 12V output, with selectable regulated or unregulated modes to ensure the stability of the power output, suitable for various application scenarios. ● Under the pressure of 1.2Mpa, the peak output voltage can reach 80V and the peak current exceeds 220mA, which ensures reliable power supply under various water pressure conditions. ● The hydroelectric turbine generator has a sturdy structure, axial clearance is only 0.2~1.0mm, and the mechanical noise is lower than 55dB, which guarantees the stable operation of the equipment for a long time. ● With starting water pressure as low as 0.05Mpa, the genset is lightweight and the output voltage is proportional to the water pressure, providing an intelligent and reliable solution for energy demand.
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The mini hydroelectric generator has a choice of regulated or unregulated outputs, with an output voltage of DC 12V and a peak voltage of up to 80V (1.2Mpa), which ensures efficient energy conversion. The starting water pressure is only 0.05Mpa, the mechanical noise is less than 55dB, the operation is quiet. Sturdy appearance, clean surface, no corrosion, no marks, with excellent durability. Mechanical design considers axial clearance of 0.2~1.0mm to ensure stability. Generator life of more than 3000 hours, output characteristics are proportional to water pressure, water turbine generator for home for reliable hydro energy solutions.

12V water turbine feature


  • DC 12V regulated output, can power and charge 12V radio, power LED lights.
  • The hydropower turbine exterior surface is clean, free of rust and corrosion, no time-induced scratches, and solidly constructed.
  • Mini hydroelectric generator with low reluctance, high efficiency generator and hydroelectric separation technology.
  • Water turbine generator is suitable for all kinds of living scenarios.


  1. Low water pressure to start low flow loss waterway design
  2. Increase the scroll impeller to greatly improve the power generation efficiency, and at the same time increase the bearings to reduce wear and tear
  3.  4-point external screw threads are used for water inlet and outlet, with an external diameter of about 20mm.
  4. Hydroelectric separation technology + dual magnetic circuit combined clutch
  5.  Strong magnetism of Chin-iron boron is adopted to enhance the power generation capacity.
  6. Stainless steel machine screws
12V water turbine details

12V Water Turbine Dimension (unit: mm)

12V water turbine size

12V Water Turbine Installation Method

12V water turbine installation method

Note: Install in the direction of the arrow, standard household plumbing, 4-point pipe 20mm OD, 13mm ID.

Output Voltage DC 12V output, regulated/unregulated (optional)
Output Peak Voltage 80V (1.2Mpa)
Output Peak Current ≥220mA (12V)
Resistance Between Wires 10.5±0.5Ω
Insulation Resistance 10MΩ (DC100 Megohmmeter)
Outlet Closed Peak Withstand Voltage 0.6Mpa
Outlet Open Peak Withstand Voltage 1.2Mpa
Starting Water Pressure 0.05Mpa
Appearance Clean surface, no corrosion, no time-induced scratches, solid structure.
Axial Clearance 0.2~1.0mm
Mechanical Noise ≤55dB
Generator Unit Volume 90g or so
Generator Life ≥3000h
Output Characteristics Output voltage without voltage regulator circuit is proportional to water pressure
Water turbine for smart faucets

Water Turbine Generator for Smart Faucet

Water turbine for shower lights

Water Turbine Generator for Shower Lights

Water turbine for gas water heater

Water Turbine Generator for Gas Water Heater

Water turbine for power generating thermo shower

Power Generating Thermo Shower


Q1. How does a 12-volt water turbine generator work?

A 12-volt hydroelectric turbine generator harnesses the kinetic energy of flowing water to generate electrical power. When water flows over the turbine blades, it causes them to spin, activating a generator connected to the turbine. The hydro generator converts the rotational energy into electricity, producing a 12-volt output. This clean and renewable energy source is particularly suitable for off-grid applications or remote locations where a consistent water supply is available.

Q2. Can a 12-volt water turbine generator be used for residential purposes?

Yes, a 12-volt water turbine generator can be a viable option for residential power generation, especially in areas with access to a flowing water source. Water turbine generator for home appliances, lighting, or charging batteries in off-grid or rural settings. However, it's important to consider the energy demands of your household and the specific characteristics of the water source to determine if a 12-volt hydroelectric power generator is sufficient for your needs. Professional installation and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the system.

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Steven | 5/10/2024 1:52 AM
Light and practical.
Great for fish tank lighting, recommended.
Louis | 5/7/2024 9:46 AM
Not bad
The quality is worth the price, but the voltage too small, can only be used to connect small LED.
Recommended to buy other models.