10kW Water Turbine Generator, Excitation Mixed Flow Type

● The excitation generator has an automatic voltage stabilisation function, the output voltage is stable, suitable for home electricity, and will not burn out the home appliances. ● 10kW water turbine generator has two bearings, which is more reliable than the cross-flow and axial-flow structures. ● Mixed flow hydroelectric generator sets for low head (minimum three meters), high flow rates. ● Longer bearing life with separate oil lubrication system.
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The 1kW water turbine is a hydroelectric turbine generator designed for low-flow conditions, making it suitable for small streams, rivers, and areas with minimal water flow. With an input voltage of 220V, this hydro generator is specifically crafted for domestic electricity needs. Experience the benefits of clean and renewable energy with 1kW small water turbine electric generator, bringing power to your home.

Designed with efficiency in mind, our hydro generator is perfect for individuals looking to generate renewable energy in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Its compact size and compatibility with low-flow conditions make it suitable for installation in small-scale setups, providing a reliable source of power for homes.

10kW water turbine feature


  • Stable output voltage of the excitation generator to protect household electrical equipment.
  • The turbine is separated from the generator for easy maintenance and replacement of wear parts.
  • Separate 2 bearings for turbine and 2 bearings for generator, more reliable structure.
  • Brushless excitation generator, no need to replace carbon brushes, copper ring maintenance is convenient.


  1. Worm Shell
  2. Rotor
  3. Seals
  4. Bearing
  5. Bearing housings
  6. Bearing
  7. Couplings
  8. Hydroelectric turbine generator
10kW water turbine excitation mixed flow type detail
Power 1kW
Input Voltage 220V
Pipe Diameter 300mm
Water Level Difference 3m-20m
volume of water flow 0.1-0.4 m³/s
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Livestock breeding

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Domestic water turbine

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Rural mountainous areas

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Q1. How does the excitation mixed flow type differ from other turbine designs?

The excitation mixed flow type differs from other turbine designs primarily in its approach to harnessing energy from flowing water. Here's a breakdown of the key

distinctions:Flow Pattern:

  • Excitation Mixed Flow Type: This design combines axial and radial flow characteristics. It allows for a mixed flow pattern, where water flows both axially and radially through the turbine. This unique combination enhances efficiency by optimizing energy extraction.
  • Other Turbine Designs: Traditional designs may include axial flow turbines, which have a straight flow path, or radial flow turbines, where water flows outward from the center. Mixed flow turbines, like the excitation mixed flow type, blend elements of both axial and radial flow.

Efficiency and Performance:

  • Excitation Mixed Flow Type: The combination of axial and radial flow in the excitation mixed flow type aims to achieve higher efficiency and improved performance, especially in variable flow conditions. This makes it suitable for locations with fluctuating water flow.
  • Other Turbine Designs: While other designs may excel in specific conditions, the excitation mixed flow type aims to strike a balance to perform well across a broader range of flow scenarios.

Application Flexibility:

  • Excitation Mixed Flow Type: The versatility of the mixed flow design makes it suitable for various applications, including both low and high head sites. It offers adaptability to different water conditions.
  • Other Turbine Designs: Some turbine designs may be more specialized, optimized for either low head or high head sites. The excitation mixed flow type provides a middle ground for applications with diverse water flow characteristics.

Q2. Can the turbine be integrated with renewable energy systems?

Yes, the 10kW Water Turbine with Excitation Mixed Flow Type can be seamlessly integrated into renewable energy systems. Its design allows for compatibility with various energy setups, making it an excellent choice for hybrid systems. Integration possibilities include combining the turbine with solar panels, wind turbines, or other renewable sources.

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