3kW Water Turbine, Power Home

● High speed, fewer blades, lower vibration, higher efficiency, removable 3kW, 220V water turbine. ● Pure copper wire core. ● Clean surface,no corrosion, the structure is strong. ● Water wheel generator provide clean energy and reduce environmental pollution.
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This 3kW hydro generator — a robust solution crafted from durable aluminum alloy, ensuring an extended service life. This micro hydroelectric generator offers the convenience of electricity in remote mountainous regions, addressing the practical challenges of power access in such areas. Its versatility and convenience make it an ideal choice for various applications, providing a reliable and sustainable power source where traditional options may fall short. Embrace the future of portable and efficient energy solutions with this innovative hydro generator, revolutionizing the way we harness power in remote landscapes.

1kW water turbine feature


  • Reliable and quiet.
  • Environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, versatile.
  • Mainly used in places where the difference in water flow is relatively low, such as, small rivers, small dams and so on.
  • Harness the power of flowing water to generate electricity effortlessly.

3kW Water Turbine Components


1kW water turbine detail

1 2 3 4
Bearing Cover Cover Bear Rotors
5 6 7 8
Stator Coil Motor Bucket Pedestals Bear
9 10 11 12
Oil Seal Trocar Water Cone Water Guide
13 14 15 16
Wheel Spring Pad Nut Cotter Pin


Schematic Diagram of Hydroelectric Generator Installation

3kw water-turbine installation

Power 3kW
Leaf Diameter 18cm
Input Voltage 220V
Water Level Difference 2m-4m
volume of water flow 0.09-0.14 m3/s
Camping hydro generator

Hydro Generator for Capping

Off grid hydro generator

Hydropower Turbine for Outdoor

Domestic water turbine

 Hydro Generator for Off Grid

Rural mountainous areas

Water Turbine Generator for Rural


Q1. What is the maintenance required for a 3kW water turbine?

Maintenance can include periodic checks for debris that might affect the turbine's performance, lubrication of moving parts, and inspection of electrical components. Regular maintenance is crucial for efficient and reliable operation.

Q2. Are there any environmental considerations for installing a 3kW water turbine?

Generally, water turbines are considered a clean and renewable energy source. However, it's essential to assess the environmental impact, especially in terms of aquatic ecosystems and local biodiversity, before installation.

Q3. What factors affect the efficiency of a 3kW water turbine?

Flow rate, water head (vertical distance the water falls), and the design of the turbine are key factors influencing efficiency. Understanding the site-specific conditions is important for optimal performance.

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